Best Kitchen Mats For Hardwood Floors

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If you are shopping today for attractive,durable, and the best kitchen mats for your hardwood floors, this is the perfect post for you.

There are currently a variety of fresh, creative designs to choose from. You can select from gel core, bio-foam, ergonomic padded foam, rubber and vinyl comfort floor mats. The beauty and luster of your finely finished hardwood flooring will be well protected by these mats.

At the same time, your feet, legs and back will benefit from the soft, luxurious cushioned effects of walking and standing on these mats while in your kitchen preparing meals. These mats actually lessen painful effects of general fatigue, arthritis, osteoporosis and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the sole of the foot, causing arch or heel discomfort).

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With the vast abundance of floor mat designs available today, your comfort matting can be as stylish as you like, brightening your kitchen decor with your choice of a wide selection of natural, theme, geometric, wood-grain and other patterns and motifs.

Protect Your Wood Flooring Surface, Grain and Natural Moisture with Mats

Kitchen comfort mats protect your polished or waxed wooden flooring from surface scratches, scarring, temporary stains and lasting discoloration. By preventing spilled liquids and hot or colorful foods from reaching the wooden floor surface, these mats preserve the surface finish, the wood’s moisture and handsome grain of the wood.

Styles and Types of Kitchen Comfort Wooden Floor Mats

The following five varieties and brands of soft-centered mats are popular examples of the best kitchen comfort mats you can now buy:

Gel Core Kitchen Mats

When you purchase these sturdy yet attractive gel core mats for protecting your kitchen’s finely finished wooden floors, you are providing all your household members with the ultimate therapeutic comfort for standing at your kitchen counter, island or stove.

Popular Brand and Model: GelPro Plush Mats

These popular plush mats have an inner core layer of patented gel as well as an extra supportive layer of foam to enhance their luxurious effects and therapeutic qualities. Although some models are thicker than others, all mats of this design alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, bodily fatigue and stress dramatically.

Their non-slip bottoms are approved and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. These attractive mats also display a signature contoured elegance of design featuring smoothly reinforced, beveled edging. These highly desirable mats are stain and moisture-resistant, available in many different colors and patterns like Light Truffle Brown and basket weave.

These modern mats offer the luxury of standing on a smooth surface with an inner layer of specialized therapeutic gel. Muscles and joints throughout your back, legs and feet benefit from this soft, reinforced floor covering that lends revitalizing bodily support. At the same time, the smooth, lustrous wood of your kitchen flooring is well protected from damage or staining.

Bio-Foam® Kitchen Mats

These Eco-friendly mats simply designed of one piece of heavy-density polyurethane Bio-Foam® offer users firm, dependable standing comfort.

Popular Brand and Model: NewLife Professional Grade Bio-Foam® Mats

These Eco-supportive mats are made of a long-lasting, single-piece construction offering continuous shock absorption for bodily stress reduction.

With contents of super-resilient, deep-density polyurethane Bio-Foam®, they are biodegradable and environmentally safe. These mats have remarkable memory for bounce-back and suspend body weight evenly to alleviate fatigue.

Popular colors are Earth and Cranberry, and a frequently requested mat surface texture is leather grain.

They never lose their bounce or resiliency. All materials are non-toxic and leach-proof and the mat surface is antimicrobial, also guarding against abrasion or puncturing. Resistant to staining, this non-slip mat design has safety-beveled, anti-curl edges to prevent trips and falls.

Ergonomic Padded Foam Kitchen Mats

This mat’s thick Ergo-Foam® core never loses its body or sags and has a sturdy, lasting surface that is waterproof and resistant to staining.

Popular Brand and Model: NewLife Designer Comfort Mat

This advanced mat design features a core of Ergo-Foam® underneath an upper surface of polyurethane.

As a light-duty, firm mat, it offers a smooth balance of support and comfort for home cooks, enhancing the style of each food preparation area. Cranberry is a popular color, and leather grain is an often-bought surface texture.

Its beveled edging and non-slip bottom design guard against user trips and falls while in the kitchen. This firm, but well-cushioned matting is a great aid in reducing back, leg and foot pain and fatigue. Cranberry and Truffle are very popular color choices, and often requested surface textures are wood and leather grain.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are ideal for protecting your kitchen floor from dampness and liquid spills.  They also eliminate the buildup of mold and other undesirable organic byproducts because rubber offers no food source for these organisms.

Popular Brand and Model: Rubber-Cal Chef/Kitchen Mats

These Rubber-Cal mats are composed of artificial elastomers or recycled rubber and are oil and liquid-resistant.

They are designed with special drainage channels to direct moisture and oil away from the mat surface while keeping your wood floors dry and free from stains or damage.

Slip-resistant and durable, these mats grip floor surfaces securely while absorbing pressure from your ankles, feet, legs and back as you prepare meals in your kitchen. Mats are available in multiple colors, including brown, blue, black, red and yellow.

Also, even when it is wet, rubber offers resistance to slipping by kitchen cooks and hungry fridge raiders. These mats are the essential all-in-one comfort, safety and cost-efficiency matting choice.

Vinyl Floor Mats

These functional and attractive anti-fatigue mats offer reliable protection against liquid damage and food stains for your wooden kitchen floors.

Popular Brand and Model: Floor Mats Wood Design Vinyl Kitchen Mats

These appealing wood-grain design comfort mats from Floor Mats guard your hardwood kitchen flooring against damage.

They also offer strong traction, protecting you and your family from slips and falls in the kitchen. These mats are available for purchase as individual mats in multiple wood grains and colors, longer floor runners or as rubberized tiles with drainage channels.

These vinyl mats support your spine, muscles and joints to relieve fatigue while standing and can be customized to meet your needs.

While providing a supportive, cushioned walking surface, they add beauty and style to your kitchen decor. These durable mats have a smooth vinyl surface that is resistant to punctures, stains and mildew and an interior foam design for lasting comfort. The mat surface is also low-static to prevent spilled foods from sticking.

Comparison of Popular Kitchen Comfort Mats for Wood Floors

An attractive variety of kitchen comfort mats for wood floors is now available to consumers in many different brands and models. These diverse mat designs offer different feature options and benefits, providing you with an appealing selection of styles.

GelPro Plush Mats will provide you with sturdy floor protection and superior therapeutic comfort for standing in your kitchen to prepare meals. Their unique inner core of gel offers continuous support to your back, legs and feet for overall bodily revitalization.

The major drawback of these attractive mats in modern colors and textures, however, is that if punctured by a heavy appliance or tool, the gel core can leak and possibly stain your wood flooring.

NewLife Professional Grade Bio-Foam® Mats are eco-friendly and made to last with durable single-piece foam construction. They offer constant shock absorption, relieving pressure and stress from your body while standing.

Their thick polyurethane interior is biodegradable and offers extensive bounce-back memory, suspending body weight evenly to relieve fatigue. Sold in a variety of appealing colors and surface textures, these modern comfort mats have many benefits.

However, customization of these mats may not be available, depending on the size and shape you need.

NewLife Designer Comfort Mats offer a core of advanced ergonomic foam beneath their tough yet attractive polyurethane surfaces. These firm mats provide a smooth balance of comfort and support for home cooking enthusiasts.

This mat design also offers the safety of a non-slip mat bottom and beveled edges to guard against user stumbles or falls while in the kitchen. Attractive color and style choices of this mat model are now on sale for your buying selections.

Rubber-Cal Chef/Kitchen Mats are specifically designed to guard your wooden kitchen floors from spills and damage via their inner drainage channels. These rubber mats also stop mold and mildew from accumulating and protect you and your household members from slips and falls in the kitchen.

Offering valuable advantages like foam interiors for comfort and many appealing color choices, these mats may be somewhat less durable than other types.

Floor Mats Wood Design Vinyl Kitchen Mats are dependable, long-lasting floor coverings for your beautiful hardwood kitchen floors. They protect against all potential staining and damage from spilled foods and liquids while providing strong anti-fatigue support for your spine and bodily joints and muscles while on your feet to cook.

These mats are resistant to punctures, stains and mildew and offer a welcoming cushioned walking surface. These mats may not offer the variety of colors and designs that other mat types provide, although their wood grain texture is quite popular.

Best Comfort Mats for Your Hardwood Kitchen Floors

When choosing new comfort mats for your kitchen’s wooden flooring, focus on your specific preferences and needs. Are you attracted most by the sophisticated design, comfort and luxury of GelPro Plush Mats or the eco-friendly aspects and bounce-back cushioning of NewLife Professional Grade Bio-Foam® Mats?

Maybe your first choice is the Floor Mats Wood Design Vinyl Kitchen Mats, offering strong anti-fatigue support and a sturdy, enduring construction. You may decide, instead, on Floor Mats Wood Design Vinyl Kitchen Mats for the protection of their inner water drainage channels and longevity.

If you and your family or household members are focused on healthy living, you may decide to purchase mats with ergonomic benefits like the sturdy, reliable NewLife Designer Comfort Mats.

All these contemporary comfort mat designs are very affordable, offering a variety of colors, styles and materials. After carefully viewing and considering this wide selection, you will know which mat design is truly the ideal kitchen comfort mat to protect and enhance your own hardwood kitchen floors.

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