How to Buy a High-Quality Area Rug:Buying Tips

Last modified on July 28th, 2020 at 11:31 pm

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Does your house lack warmth? Do you want to update your room without breaking the bank? A seemingly simple area rug will turn any cold and boring room into the welcoming space that radiates warmth and comfort. It’s also good for anchoring rooms.

Moreover, the rug protects your floor and is perfect for little kids. Have no idea where to start?

Here’s your guide to picking the maximum comfortable area rug.

1. Decide on the style

An area rug doesn’t necessarily have to match your furniture, wallpaper, and overall décor of your room, but it should at least work with some textures and tones of the space to create that cozy feeling. Opt for a geometric pattern that will add several pops of visual interest to your room or a wide-striped design that will expand your space. Purchase a bold color area rug to pair with a glass coffee table or a lime rug to add some greenery, warmth, and softness to your room. You can also match your area rug with the pattern of your pillows.

A flat-weave area rug is ideal for the kids’ playroom, while a sisal rug will ensure warm footing in your bedroom during the cold season. Layer rugs are all the rage right now – just cover your room with a large natural-fiber rug and layer a smaller flat-weave or Persian rug on the top. They’ll add an extra layer of warmth and a touch of luxury to your room. The large patterns will add more drama to your space.

2. Decide on the size

Your area rug doesn’t have to cover the majority part of the space. You can use a few small or medium-sized rugs to visually break your large room down into several smaller sections. Or go for a bigger area rug to create a focal point in the room. There are carpet manufacturers that can cut and bind the carpeting into an area rug to fit your exact room measurements. Ideally, it’s recommended to choose an area rug that’s 2 to 4 feet shorter than the room’s smallest wall.

3. Materials and price

Wool, jute, cotton, and sisal area rugs are highly popular these days. However, they tend to carry the higher price points than synthetic area rugs, which are typically made of acrylic. Berber and shag area rugs are other popular picks, particularly during the winter season. They’re rather expensive, but may change the way your room feels and serve you for years.

4. Cleaning

When choosing an area rug, it’s crucial to keep the cleaning process in mind. While synthetic shags are easy to clean, the sisal, grass, and jute rugs take a lot of time and effort to clean them. Flokati and wool shags look comfortable, modern, and fluffy but they quickly collect the dirt and they’re extremely difficult to clean. The perk is they create the highest level of warmth in the room.

Area rugs provide coziness to most rooms in the house. Plus, they help to hide the trouble spots in the old, worn floors. It’s a lot cheaper to mask your old floor with a reasonably priced rug than to replace it wholly, isn’t it?

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