Anti-Fatigue Mats: Underdogs of Kitchen Accessories

Last modified on July 14th, 2021 at 5:32 am

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Anti-Fatigue Mats are probably one of the things that are very much underappreciated, with what the short and long term benefits it has to offer and the long list of risks and illnesses it prevents you from having. So, I decided to give it the spotlight it rightfully deserves in this article.

Who needs to use Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats?

In general, anyone who stands for over 3-4 hours a day needs an anti-fatigue mat in their life. 

  • If you are a passionate home cook, or a baking hobbyist, you need this. If you stand on the hardwood floor of your kitchen for prolonged periods of time, prepping meals or kneading dough, no doubt that you have experienced tingling sensation on your legs and lower back pain after a few hours. 
  • If you are a home-based caterer or a budding baker, surely you have felt pain on your foot soles and endured sore legs just to meet that order’s deadline. Cushioned floor mats gives you the comfort you need to perform in your maximum capacity.
  • If you are a student or a work from home employee that switched to using standing desks, you need a floor mat so you can focus on your studies or tasks at hand instead of the pain coming from your tired feet and lower back.

What Are The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats?

These mats have long been used industrially, for those companies who uses standing desks or have employees whose employees are required to stand for exceedingly long periods of time like in restaurants or factories and they have proven to be useful in increasing productivity and reducing trip and fall related injuries.

  • Reduce fatigue – Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are ergonomically designed to reduce the level of fatigue and discomfort caused by standing on the same spot for hours compared to standing on hard, solid floors like tile or marble by as much as 50%. 
  • Better blood circulation – It significantly improves blood circulation by reducing the stress from your joints and muscles caused by supporting your body standing up and relying its full weight on your lower back and legs, thus allowing the blood to flow more evenly throughout your body and reducing the risk of numerous circulatory problems.
  • Maintain good posture – These cushioned floor mats help maintain good posture. The high density foam frequently used in these mats, eases the pressure you put on your spinal cord when standing up, thus reduces the chances of spinal compression by up to 40% and stops your muscles from overworking. 
  • Safer work/home environment – What all these comfort mats have in common is their safety features, almost all of them are designed with no-curl beveled edges to avoid tripping over the mat when stepping up or down from it or when walking over it. Most mats are also made with non-slip bases, reducing risks of fall related injuries like broken bones, sprained ankles or cuts and bruises. 
  • Provides comfort – these cushioned anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide maximum comfort to its user. The main goal for the mat is to ease the fatigue, pain, and soreness caused by standing up for hours, so it then improves your concentration and therefore making you more productive whether at home or in your workplace.

To sum it up, anti-fatigue kitchen mats are the unsung heroes when it comes to kitchen accessories. They are simple, inexpensive solution to one of your daily kitchen dilemma. I understand it’s pretty easy to overlook them since usually we just get floor mats that fits your home’s aesthetic or that’s easy to the eye, and well – comfort isn’t really a word we usually associate with them.

Luckily for us who spend hours and hours in the kitchen, somebody got tired of the back pain and sore legs it causes and invented these life-saving mats. In this day and age where more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and choose to spend more time in the kitchen making their meals or doing meal prep for the week rather than eating out, I’m thankful that these mats exist. Now we can focus on savoring the joys of cooking or baking without having to suffer the aftermath of the long hours we normally spent standing up on the same spot.

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