Best Type of Rugs to Protect Your Kitchen Hardwood Floor

Last modified on August 26th, 2019 at 1:44 pm

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Nowadays, hardwood floors go hand in hand with stylish modern interiors. Be it a kitchen floor or a living room floor, you should take a special care to protect it. Frequent mopping and heavy-weight thing dropping can drastically damage your hardwood floor. The kitchen hardwood floor is particularly prone to damages. The best way to protect it? Just place one of these rugs on your floor to keep it safe and sound for many years to come.

1. Throw rugs

Mostly used in the bedrooms and living rooms, a throw rug can also decorate and protect your kitchen floor. Just avoid throw rugs that have a sticky finish or made of synthetic materials. If you have a brand new hardwood floor, it’s better to choose another type of the rug, otherwise, your throw rug will constantly be sliding around under your feet, making the cooking process too risky.

2. Runner rugs

Runner rugs are mostly used in the hallways or on the stairs, yet they’re also perfect for your kitchen, especially a big one. Not only does a runner rug fill the space and protect your hardwood floor, but it creates an inviting, friendly feel in your kitchen. Plus, a runner rug will warm up your kitchen and it’s a quick way to update your cooking area. The downside is, a runner rug can be hard to clean.

3. Woven rugs

Fill an empty floor space in your kitchen while protecting your hardwood floor from cooking hazards by placing a large woven rug all over the kitchen.  Even though it’s recommended to choose a rug made of wool, feel free to pick the one made of synthetic materials. Unlike a rug made of wool, this one is budget-friendly and easier to clean. Some are even eco-friendly.

4. Plastic rugs

If you’re looking to invest in a rug that’s super quick to clean, highly durable, and eco-friendly, choose a plastic rug made of recycled plastics. These rugs are becoming more and more popular these days due to the eye-catching designs, positive impact on the environment, and impressive longevity. The drawback is price – most plastic rugs are very pricey. But since your rug will serve you for a decade, your hardwood will stay brand new for longer as well. A win-win solution!

5. Washable rugs

The last but not the least, a washable rug is the right choice for those spending hours in the kitchen or who don’t enjoy cleaning rugs manually. Just throw your washable rug in the washing machine, and enjoy your cup of joe. Washable rugs come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes. They save your time and can keep your kitchen hardwood floor in a tip-top condition for years.

It’s hard to make a choice to find the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors. Before you buy the one, decide on the size, color, material, and durability you’d like your kitchen rug to have. Anyway, all of these rug types will ideally protect your hardwood floor in the kitchen and any other room in your house.

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