20 Storage Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

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If you’re a small-space kitchen owner, you might want to know how to find a bit more extra space. The good news is that it’s absolutely possible to find a storage space where you didn’t even expect to find. Your limited kitchen space can become unlimited with these awesome storage ideas for tiny kitchens.

1. Take advantage of command hooks

Rethink your small kitchen walls and use command hooks to hang some cookware. Ensure it’ll match your kitchen décor, though. You can hang your frying pans, for example. Check out this idea on Jess Ann Kirby.

2. Consider buying a riser

Get more extra space in the cabinet by adding a riser for bowls and plates and alternating the direction you store your glasses like Home Makeover recommends. You might also get rid of old plates and glasses you’re not using anymore.

3. Change the way you store your non-essentials

If you don’t use your baking dishes on a daily basis, consider storing all of them out of reach. This will help you to prevent the cabinet confusion. Find this idea on The Cottage Journal website.

4. Use the tops of your cabinets

Unless you have greasy cabinet tops, it’s a great idea to store some of your kitchen stuff on them. The tops of your cabinets offer tons of extra storage space. Look for inspiration on One Kings Lane.

5. File your trays and platters

There are many filing organizers on the market so you can definitely find the one for you. The filing organizers are perfect for trays, cutting boards, and heavy serving platters. Martha Stewart will help you out with it.

6. Downsize your kitchen furniture

You don’t need a huge breakfast table – even if you have a big family – and you obviously don’t need a lot of extra cooking countertops. Downsize your kitchen furniture and consider buying a smaller fridge. See how you can do it on Site Home Design.

7. Look for shelving under your island countertop

Shelving under your island countertop is an excellent way to add a little bit more extra storage space for some food items, small dishes, cookbooks, or essential cookware that you use often. Find more ideas on Kitchen Decor Pad.

8. Use your cabinet doors

When it comes to cabinet doors, there are lots of ways you can use them to add extra storage in your tiny kitchen. Use caddies, hooks, and shelves and see how you can save the space. From condiments to lids to grocery bags, your cabinet doors can store them all. See how else you can use your cabinet doors on House Beautiful.

9. Nestle your utensils creatively

Organize your utensil drawer by adding plastic caddies or other similar utensil organizers. Nestle your spoons, forks, and knives together to save more space. This will help you to fit in as many utensils as possible. More ideas you can steal from Small Kitchen Guides.

10. Add extra shelves wherever possible

Any extra shelves won’t create a mess. On the contrary, they will create more space for storing food items, utensils, small cookware, cookbooks, and more. Check out this idea on Real Simple.

11. Take advantage the space above your fridge

Unless your fridge is too high and doesn’t have any space above, it’s a fabulous storage idea for a tiny kitchen. Home Garden Magz shared this creative idea.

12. Use the space above your stovetop

When you keep your cooking utensils and pots above your range, you always have them handy. Plus, it’s still extra space you can use. Find more ideas on Good House Keeping.

13. Use your window (if you have any) as a storage spot

If you have a window in the kitchen, you can use it as a storage space, too. You can use it to store your fruit or spices or even cookware. This storage ide is taken from Interior Design.

14. Invest in a free-standing shelf

Work a wooden or metal free-standing shelf into your small kitchen for extra spots to store everything from appliances to pans and pots. Find more ideas on My Little Think.

15. Create a holder for bigger platters

Storing large platters in a tiny kitchen is a headache, but you can find a solution by creating a holder for them. You can also use it to store larger cutting boards. Find more ideas on Worthing Court Blog.

16. Use a magnetic knife rack

Squeeze out more space in your small kitchen by setting a magnetic knife rack. You can use this rack for storing kitchen scissors and even some spoons. Find more ideas on The Cottage Market blog.

17. Have a toekick drawer

If you’re going to replace your kitchen furniture, consider installing toekick drawer for extra storage space. Houzz have many more ideas on toekick drawer storing.

18. Use your cabinet bottom

If you think you have no more extra space in your small kitchen, think again. What about your cabinet bottom? Find more ideas on BuzzFeed.

19. Add more shelves 

The more shelves you have, the more extra storage space you create. This is an excellent idea for a very tiny kitchen. Look for inspiration on RedecorIdeas.

20. Have a skinny cabinet 

Skinny cabinets are lifesavers for small kitchen owners as they allow you to store dozens of kitchen stuff. Find more ideas on Keep Décor.

As you can see, your tiny kitchen actually has a lot of storage space. All you should do is just get a bit creative.

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