Kangaroo Kitchen Mat: Comfort And Versatility At Its Finest

kitchen mat for back pain

We’ve all had to endure back pain and sore legs after hours and hours of prepping and cooking in the kitchen, could be for a family dinner or a weekend sleepover with friends. You know those moments when you really want to whip up something special for an occasion like your wedding anniversary or getting that promotion you’ve been waiting for, but is dreading the hours you’ll be standing up in your kitchen to make it?

Well, I may have something for you. Get yourself an anti-fatigue kitchen mat and I’ll guarantee your passion and excitement for cooking will come back to you. These kitchen mats are cushioned floor mats that supports your body while standing up, helping to reduce the stress you put on your joints and stops overworking your muscles compared to when you’re standing on bare hard floor.

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Kangaroo has surely outdone themselves with this anti-fatigue kitchen mat. This fan favorite is not just expertly designed to provide comfort – but outstanding style too. The brand gives you not the regular three or four, but FOURTEEN color and pattern options, and has a wide variety of mat sizes so you’ll have no problem finding the one that will match your home’s aesthetic. They are one of the few manufacturers to offer a corner shaped rug and a half circle rug, so no matter what size, shape or color your kitchen is, there’s a Kangaroo mat for you. 


Other than the wide variety of color and size options that everybody loved, this out of the ordinary kitchen mat has so much more to offer:

  • Durable – This one of a kind cushioned mat also has high durability, so you can use it for areas with average to high foot traffic. This is best for those who spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen, you won’t need to worry about lower back pain or tingling legs because each mat has high density, perfectly soft foam, guaranteed to help improve your body’s blood circulation. 
  • Stable – The commercial grade foam used to make this mat ensures it will not bottom out over time. 
  • Safety – The Kangaroo comfort kitchen mat also has a regard for safety: its extra padded feature and advanced beveled no-curl edges to make sure you will not trip on it, its waterproof surface is also textured and shock absorbent so you will not slip, the base of the mat has a grooved surface that works best on clean, dry, and smooth surfaces and on top of that, the mat is also non-toxic, latex and phthalate free and is Prop 65 compliant. 
  • Lightweight – The mat only weighs 2.8 pounds, comparatively lighter than the regular 3-5 pounds from other brands. This makes it easier for the mat to move around the house like in your home office or study area or to a different part of the kitchen from your workstation if you will be standing in front of the sink or stove.
  • Guarantee – And because Kangaroo highly values their customer’s investment on their products, they make sure to ship the mats flat every time, so no need to worry about annoying creases or folds which take forever to go away. They also offer not 3 or 5, but a 10 year guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with the Kangaroo Kitchen Mat you received, just contact them for a no-hassle replacement or refund for your product. 


No matter how perfect it seems, these highly rated cushioned floor mats may also have some minor flaws:

  • Some customer reviews note that the mat tends slide out of place on wooden or carpeted floors, but nothing that a little double sided anti slip tape can’t do. 
  • There’s also some that say fine, dry particles like flour, sugar, or grounded spices may get caught into the textured surface of the mat, this can be fixed by gently scrubbing it with a soft bristled brush and mild detergent. 
  • A few of those who bought the mat have mentioned that the floor mat may also have a mild rubber odor right off the box, this goes away over weeks of use but if you can’t stand it, you can just regularly wipe it with a damp cloth and soap for the stink to disappear faster.
  • Several product reviews find the mat a little pricey for its size, saying it is a little smaller than they anticipated. The price tag it comes with is because Kangaroo used high quality, non toxic materials for the mat which can be pretty expensive as well.


To sum it up, I would say the Kangaroo Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat is perfect for stay at home moms who spends a lot of the time making home cooked meals, baking hobbyists who stands for hours kneading dough and making fondant, those who love having guests over and cook for them or maybe in a home where multiple family members enjoys cooking or baking in general.

The highly durable materials used for the foam can support average to high foot traffic so no need to worry about your mat bottoming out in just a few months use. It may seem a little expensive to some but with its one of a kind features and 10 year guarantee – it is definitely a worthwhile investment! It’s the small things that we overlook most of the time. Think of how much your lifestyle will improve, just by simply using a cushioned kitchen mat, it helps improve your posture, reduces fatigue so you can spend more time baking or cooking and you’ll still have energy to play with your kids or entertain your guests after.

On top of that, it provides safety because of its no curl edges and groove-surfaced base. It is easy on the joints and muscles so your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa who loves to cook will not have to worry about sore legs or their arthritis acting up. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself or your family. ♥

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