Vitamix Parts – Replacements To Keep Things Running Smoothly

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Vitamix is a well-known brand with a proven tradition of quality, and it’s no surprise that it manufactures the best blenders for just about any blending job. To ensure long durability, Vitamix blenders come equipped with quality Vitamix parts such as containers, lids, tampers, blades, drive sockets, and more to fit your specific needs. 

But what happens if something goes wrong and you need to replace a specific part for your unit? 

In this blog post, we will cover all the needed Vitamix blender parts in order to keep things running smoothly! So bookmark this page, and when something unexpected happens with your Vitamix blender, you will know where to turn for help.

But before taking a look at the different Vitamix replacement parts, let’s see how this blender works in its essence.

What Is Vitamix Blender And How Does It Work?

The Vitamix blender is a high-power machine that simply works by chopping up food into small pieces that are easily digestible for your body. 

The speed for blending can be adjusted for different types of foods like fruit, vegetables, juices, etc. Higher speed is usually required for harder items such as carrots and apples, and slower speed is mostly used for softer fruits like bananas and strawberries.

top view of blender container with fruits

However, it’s common practice to start your best Vitamix blender at a low speed and after 10 seconds to increase it to a high speed.

The Vitamix blenders are widely popular because they allow you to create tons of Vitamix recipes from smoothies, sauces, soups, desserts, and just about anything from fresh produce. 

The best part is that this blender leaves behind completely smooth purees due to its unique design consisting of an upright vertical motor and two very sharpened stainless steel blades.

How To Use The Vitamix Blender? 9 Steps For Getting Started

The Vitamix is a top-grade blender with a powerful engine and gears that will help to blend anything from the hardest vegetables to the densest of nuts. And using it for blending can be pretty straightforward.

So here’s how to use your Vitamix blender properly:

  1. First, wash the food and, if necessary, store it in a bowl.
  2. If it’s your first time running your blender, place the removable blade assembly onto the Vitamix container, lock it in place by pressing down on the tab firmly with one hand while twisting it clockwise with your other hand until it clicks into place.
  3. Make sure all of the detachable pieces are securely in place before plugging in your appliance.
  4. Turn on your Vitamix with low speed and then increase to a high setting. Remember: never start your blender at high speed.
  5. Once you are done, stop the motor before removing the container’s lid to avoid splattering of contents.
  6. Finally, serve and enjoy your food or drink!
  7. Wash the self-cleaning container by filling it with a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Run it for 30-60 seconds this way in order to keep it clean and odor-free between uses. 
  8. Next, you can rinse the container under running water to remove all traces of suds.
  9. Once the container is dry, store it away in your cupboard until you are ready to use it again.
woman pouring smoothie to a glass

Now let’s take a look at the different Vitamix parts individually.

Vitamix Blender Parts

The Vitamix parts can vary depending on the model.

However, most of the models come with the following main parts:

  • Container – which is where you add your food, 
  • Motor base – which stores the high-speed motor that turns the blades
  • Lid – which covers the container and motor base to seal in steam while blending
  • Blades – used for chopping the ingredients. They usually come with drive sockets.
  • Tamper – used to push ingredients towards the blades
  • Speed dial – used to control the machine.

Now let’s see what can be replaced.

Vitamix Parts: Container Replacements

A Vitamix blender container is used for blending, crushing, grinding, and mixing various food items. There are different Vitamix container replacements available on the market, depending on their size. So you may need:

  • 64-oz Vitamix container
  • 48-oz Vitamix container
  • 32-oz Vitamix container

Most popular is the 64-oz Vitamix container. This sleek Vitamix container can handle large batches of food and drinks for your family. And its lightweight design can fit conveniently under your kitchen cabinet.

Vitamix Container, 64oz. Low-Profile
  • Designed to process large batches with a lightweight design that fits easily under most kitchen cabinets. Material: BPA-free...
  • Compatible with G-Series Machines, Vitamix 5300. Cutting blades measures 4 inch diameter. Not compatible with Vitamix Ascent...
  • The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming...

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So whenever you need a large Vitamix container replacement, this one can be the perfect one for you. It is fully compatible with the classic G-series units, as well as Vitamix 5300 and 6500.

For your medium-sized foods and drinks, there is the 48-oz Vitamix container. This Vitamix container comes in a perfect size for smaller family meals, where it can blend medium batches in one run. 

Vitamix Container, 48 oz., Clear - 56085
  • Perfect for processing smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts;Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and...
  • Includes a vented lid and Mini-Tamper designed to help process food without touching the blades, BPA-free Container
  • Fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets while on the machine. Stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring...

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It works best for processing soups, smoothies, and any kind of frozen desserts. So if you need a medium-sized Vitamix container replacement, we highly recommend this one. It’s compatible with the C and G-series of Vitamix blenders.

The smallest container is the 32-oz Vitamix container. This lightweight Vitamix container replacement is designed to process small batches of foods and drinks for small families. Its streamlined design can perfectly fit under any kitchen cabinet. 

Vitamix 15842 Container, 32 Ounce, Clear (Tamper Not Included)
  • Large 32-ounce container designed for the Vita-Mix appliance. The material is BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades ensure smooth blending. Dimensions: 9.8 inch high. Compatibility:C-Series blenders / G-Series...
  • Drip-free spout; raised calibrations for measuring in ounces, cups, or metrics. Containers are designed to prevent leaks from...

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It’s fully compatible with classic C-series and G-Series Vitamix blenders. So if you are looking for the smallest container replacement, this is the one.

Note that all of these Vitamix containers come with stainless-steel blades for consistent blending.

Vitamix Parts: Lids Replacements

The Vitamix lid is used to cover the container of your Vitamix machine. This helps with preventing the air from getting in when you are blending. The lid also prevents the mixture from spattering onto the countertop when you are blending at high speeds.

Here are the two popular Vitamix lids replacements:

Vitamix 2-Part Lid and Plug – This lid is made of durable plastic and allows the user to add ingredients while it processes. The lid has measurements marked on its removable plug that can be easily taken off when adding certain food items. 

Vitamix 2-Part Lid and Plug, 64-Ounce (High Profile), Black - 15855
  • Lid has removable plug marked with measurements and allows ingredients to be added while processing
  • Replacement for Vitamix Eastman Tritan 64-ounce Container.
  • This container is not the low profile 64 oz.container found with Vitamix Pro 300 and Pro 750 models.

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This lid works best for Vitamix Eastman’s high-profile container of 64 ounces, but it doesn’t work on low-profile containers from the Vitamix Pro 300 and 750 models.

Vitamix Lid Plug for Commercial 64-oz Containers – This lid and plug is a genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement part that perfectly fits on many commercial 64-oz Vitamix containers.

Vitamix Lid Plug for Commercial 64-ounce Containers : Comes standard on the Drink Machine 2 Speed, Vita Prep, Vita Prep 3, XL Blender, Compatible with the Drink Machine Advance
  • Genuine OEM replacement part
  • Vita-Mix has a full line of award winning professional blenders for commercial and applications
  • Genuine OEM parts provide safety, reliability, and optimal performance

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Vitamix Parts: Blades Replacements

The hardened stainless-steel blades in the Vitamix machine are intended to mix and chop any kind of ingredients. 

These laser-cut blades can also grind certain types of raw meat for use in sauces and soups. They can also be used to make nut butters, ice creams, and sorbet. 

Here are the two popular Vitamix blades replacements:

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly – These stainless-steel blades are designed for quick on-site replacement with an existing compatible container. The convenient design makes replacing the blades simple and easy. 

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly, Silver
  • The Wet Blade Assembly is designed to be used with the 64-, 48-, and 32-ounce Standard Containers.
  • Does not fit new household low-profile 64 container or 48 ounce container.
  • Does not fit commercial MP, XP, Advance or XL containers.

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They work best with 64-ounce, 48-ounce, and 32-ounce standard containers, and the best part is that they don’t require sharpening.

3 Pieces Blender Blade Assembly With Drive Socket – This package contains a blade, drive socket, and wrench as a complete replacement combination. They are easy to install in just a few minutes. 

3 Pieces Blender Blade Assembly 6 Blade Wet Dry Ice Blade Assembly With Socket Wrench Drive Socket Kit Replacement Parts for Vita-Mix Blender Compatible with Vita-Mix 1151 Vita-Mix 1152
  • Package content: 1 piece of blender blade assembly and 1 drive socket kit set, which includes 1 piece of socket and 1 piece...
  • Ice blade compatibility: this blender blade assembly is for Vita-Mix 1002, 1230, 5006, 5012, 5057, BarBoss 5039, VITA-MIX,...
  • Drive socket kit compatibility: this drive socket kit can be compatible with Vita-Mix 891 and 802, Vitamix Blending Station,...

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This kit is not suitable for all models, so make sure to check their product page for compatibility with your specific Vitamix model.

Vitamix Parts: Tampers

The Vitamix tamper is one of the plastic accessories for Vitamix that is used to push food down towards the blades in order to make sure that it all gets blended evenly. But it’s designed carefully to not touch the blades and avoid damage. However, you need to choose the right tamper for your specific model.

Here are the two most popular Vitamix tampers:

Vitamix Classic Tamper – This Vitamix tamper tool is built to push thick food down into the processing blades of your blender, but still assure that it does not touch or damage them. 

Vitamix Classic Tamper, Black
  • Tool allows for processing thick, dense ingredients. Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Pushes food down into the Vitamix processing blades.
  • Design not to come in contact with the blade.

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The temper can be used with any standard 64 oz container, but it didn’t work for 48-oz containers. Also, we don’t recommend using it for low-profile containers found on models like the Pro 300 and 750.

Vitamix Mini-Tamper – If you want to press down thick and frozen mixtures in a smaller Vitamix container, then this tamper is the best solution for you. 

Vitamix Mini-Tamper, 9.75 inches, Grey
  • Compatibility: 32-ounce and 48-ounce Containers ONLY
  • Dimensions: 9.75 in
  • Weight: 3.5 oz

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This mini-tamper works the same as the previous tamper, but it’s only suited for 32-ounce and 48-ounce Vitamix containers.

People Also Ask

Are Vitamix Parts Interchangeable?

No, they are not. Vitamix parts cannot be interchanged because the company takes pride in creating high-quality products that come with an extended Vitamix guaranty. So it would likely damage their brand if any of those components were to malfunction or break down prematurely, which could happen as a result of using other product’s pieces with theirs.

However, you can always use the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts that we’ve mentioned in this article. 

Where Can I Buy Vitamix Parts To Fix My Blender Myself?

You can buy Vitamix parts to fix your blender yourself on Amazon. There are many Vitamix parts available, and you just need to match them with your Vitamix blender model.

couple preparing smoothie in the kitchen

How To Change The Vitamix Blender Parts?

Changing a Vitamix part can be easily done just by following the manual. Everything you need to do is to turn off your Vitamix machine and follow the step-by-step instructions for changing the specific Vitamix part.

The Last Thoughts For Vitamix Parts

If the Vitamix blender you’ve been using for years suddenly stops running, or if a part of your machine is no longer working properly, don’t worry. 

In this article, we’ve covered all important parts and replacement pieces that will get it up and running in no time! Whether you need to replace a blade assembly on one of the older models, or a brand new container on a G-Series model, we can help. 

And because this isn’t something most people think about until they’re in need of it – bookmark this page. So when anything unexpected happens with your Vitamix blender you’ll know where to turn for help and just order your specific Vitamix part right away!

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