5 Perks of Using a Kitchen Floor Mat

Last modified on July 14th, 2021 at 5:35 am

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Almost all cafes and restaurants around the world have floor mats in the kitchens. Think it’s just a touch of modern kitchen design?

Nope. There are many reasons to invest in a high-quality floor mat and lay it on your kitchen floor. It’s not about easy cleaning only. Here are several of the reasons to purchase a floor mat for your kitchen.

1. Safety

You know, safety comes first. The kitchen isn’t a dangerous place, but still, it possesses some risks. The grease and oils, especially in the cooker area, increase the risk of falling. Moreover, the wet area in front of your sink increases your risk of slipping and falling too.
No matter what type of floor you have in the kitchen, a floor mat can protect it while preventing possible injuries related to falls. However, make sure your mat isn’t too worn and thin, otherwise, it may not be safe for you.

2. Comfort

Many companies use floor mats to ensure their workers who stand for long periods of time feel comfortable during the workday. Perhaps you don’t spend the entire day cooking, but don’t you want to feel comfortable while making your breakfast? The floor mats provide relief for the feet, preventing foot swelling, joint discomfort, and even back pain.

3. Health

Since many people feel uncomfortable when cooking in a standing position, they do most of the cooking processes like peeling and cutting veggies sitting. Sitting with the knees invariably bent is bad for your blood circulation and your posture. As you already know, a kitchen floor mat provides comfort that will help you cook in a standing position, improving your blood circulation, posture, and overall health. If you don’t have a dishwasher, put a floor mat near the sink to make the dishwashing process easier for your back.

4. Floor protection

It’s a lot cheaper to replace a worn mat than a floor. You can prolong the life of your floor by placing a few floor mats in the areas near your cooker, the sink, and the dining table. This way, you will protect those areas from moist, grease, oils, and other kitchen hazards, as well as reduce your risk of slipping and falling. The win-win solution!

5. Easier cleaning

One of the biggest perks of using a kitchen floor mat is because it’s super easy to clean. You don’t need to buy special detergents and carpet gels to get rid of dirt and grease. You can clean it in a matter of 10 minutes using a mild soap and warm water. If you have a large floor mat that covers the entire flooring, then you won’t need to clean the floor.

Some researchers also claim that kitchen floor mats help boost mood, inspire you to cook, and lift your productivity levels. Believe it or not, but there’s a tiny bit of truth in the researchers’ words. To me, safety and cleaning factors are the major reasons I have three floor mats in my kitchen. I enjoy my kitchen standing even more than ever before.

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