The Formula On How To Cook London Broil Tender

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I still vaguely remember the first time I tried my hand at making London Broil, it was so tough and dry even the dog didn’t want it. So, today I’m sharing the tips and tricks I learned on how to cook London broil tender. This way you won’t learn it the hard way (pun intended) as I did.  LOL!

What Is A London Broil?

Contrary to popular opinion, London Broil does not refer to a specific cut of beef used for the dish. Trust me on this, I asked my favorite butcher in town about it. London Broil is the method of cooking where inexpensive cuts of beef are marinated then cooked at high heat. It is then sliced across the grain to get an even more tender result. Also, the dish originated from America and not across the pond.

The top 3 cuts to use for a tender London Broil are either top round, coulotte, or flank steak. These cuts are notorious for being tough and gamey due to its many connective tissues. What most people don’t know is that these cuts have connective tissues that transform into gelatin once cooked. This is one of the things that help make the London Broil be melt in your mouth tender. 

How Do I Make A Tender London Broil?

Formula #1:  Marinade 

I will never get tired of saying that when you’re making a London Broil, the key is in the marinade. The ideal marinade should have the right amount of acid. This usually comes in the form of lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, or apple cider vinegar. The acid in the marinade helps break down the fiber of the meat. It’s also important to keep your marinade simple so it doesn’t overpower the naturally beefy flavor of the meat.

After you make your marinade, score the beef with a sharp knife. This helps it absorb more marinade and keep it juicy later on in the cooking process. If you’re in a rush, cover the marinating beef with cling wrap and leave it at room temperature for no more than 2 hours. Then proceed with searing it and finishing it off on the grill, broiler, or oven. If you want to learn how to cook the London broil in the oven at 350, this article is for you.

Ideally, you want to cover the London Broil in cling wrap then place it in the fridge for about 6 to 24 hours. The longer you marinate it, the more tender and flavorful it becomes. Make sure to take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before you cook it to bring it back to room temperature. 

Formula #2: Cooking Method

There are different ways to cook a London Broil but there’s one step you shouldn’t miss – searing. Regardless if you want to grill it, bake it, or broil it, always start by searing the marinated beef. This locks in the moisture and flavor of your London Broil. It also creates that nice brown crust that adds color and flavor to the dish.

To do this, get a cast-iron skillet and place it over medium-high heat. It’s important to understand that we want the pan to be just hot enough to sear but not smoking hot that it instantly burns the meat. Carefully lay the meat down and sear for 2 minutes on each side. This is just enough to create the moisture barrier but not cook the meat all the way through. 

After searing it, you can proceed to finish it with your preferred cooking method until you get your desired doneness. This is completely up to your preference. The best way to check the internal temperature is to insert a meat thermometer on the thickest part of it.

  • Rare should be at 125°F
  • Medium Rare is between 130-135°F
  • While Medium to Medium Well is between 145-150°F

Formula #3: Serving

Do not forget to rest the London Broil for 10 to 15 minutes to allow it to finish cooking before you start carving. This is extremely important as this is where the London Broil reabsorbs the juices lost from the cooking process. After resting, you can start slicing the London Broil against the grain. This gives you tastier and more tender meat in every bite.

As my grandpa likes to remind us, “try and try until you succeed”. This sure applies to nail a perfectly tender London Broil. Saving you with a lot of trial and errors. I am sharing the answer to what is the best way to cook london broil, you should not miss it. Plus, these easy formulas, it sure will be a quicker cooking journey.  Let me hear your London Broil stories in the comments below. 😉 

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