How Much Does it Cost to Get a Knife Professionally Sharpened

Last modified on July 13th, 2021 at 9:04 am

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As a home cook, your knife is like a magician’s wand. It’s almost impossible to make a dish without having to use a knife. Even with all the modern technology available today, you will still use a knife when cooking. Thus, I invest in my knives, when I started cooking, I thought anything will do as long as it can cut the food. But now I know better and have invested in some good sets of Japanese knives.  Now, the problem is, how do I keep it sharp?

Thanks to the trusty internet, I learned you can have your knives professionally sharpened. I mean, you invested in a high-quality set of knives so why let it go to waste by keeping them blunt? 

Where do I find a professional knife sharpening service?

professional knife sharpening

They’re everywhere. I mean literally everywhere. You can usually find them in cookware stores. Some even give free sharpening coupons when you buy a certain set or if your purchase is of a specific amount. If you’re unable to find any local shop, there are also mobile sharpening services. They go around towns or cities in a truck with all their sharpening tools built-in. Some might be regulars in your area. If all else fails, you will find online knife sharpening services. This is the least considered option, as you will have to ship the knife to your preferred online shop then wait for how many days until they ship it back to you.

Well, why don’t I get a sharpening tool and do it myself?

home knife sharpening

If you have good eyesight and adequate experience in sharpening a knife, then, of course, you can. But if you don’t, have a professional do it. First, it can be dangerous for you. The knife can slip off the sharpener and hurt you. Even if it’s blunt, if the impact is strong, it may still cause serious damage. Second, the pros have the complete tools to do it. They can ensure that your knife is at the right bevel or angle to be efficient in cutting your ingredients. They’re experienced in doing it and will know what’s best for your knife. 

So, how much does a knife sharpening service cost?

The answer to this million-dollar question is that it depends on the size of your knife, and the service provider you go to. For example, it’s cheaper to go to a local knife sharpening service than go to a cookware store inside a fancy mall. The average cost is about $4 to $7 for a regular paring knife. Meanwhile, a chef’s knife that is usually about 8″ will cost somewhere between $6 to $10. Some shops also charge by the inch. There are also extra fees if your knife needs repair. Like if the tip is dented, or there are nicks on the blade, or if they are sharpened incorrectly and requires profiling. 

In summary, I say it is worth getting a professional to sharpen your knives. Not only does this make them safer, but it also saves you more time in the kitchen. We all know the struggle of cutting ingredients with a dull knife.  Remember that this is one of the main kitchen tools that you usually need when making food for your family. 😊 The question is how often is this service needed?

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