Sriracha Substitute: How To Replace It Your Way

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Sriracha Hot Sauce: What Is The Fuss About? 

Sriracha hot sauce is a tasty, yet spicy condiment that has become extremely popular. The sauce is made from a paste of chili peppers and garlic, blended with vinegar to make a smooth, bright red mixture. The sauce can be found in many grocery stores across America, as well as in bulk food shops and Asian specialty markets. 

Sriracha hot sauce is so popular that many people who enjoy it have been left wondering what they can do if they run out of the sauce, what to use instead of or how to make a substitute. 

We discovered how… 

Sriracha Hot Sauce: 5 Substitutes That Bring Flavour And Spice 

chili oil in bottle with chilis

1. Sambal Oelek Chili Paste

This powdered option is just as spicy as sriracha and includes the same chili base, but goes with a smooth chili paste instead of chili sauce. It can be difficult to find depending on where you live, so if you’re able to find it, definitely try mixing it with other ingredients like vinegar to make your own sriracha substitute. 

2. Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce

This is another great option that turns up the heat without covering up other flavors. If you like spice, you should definitely give it a try. It goes very well with seafood and can be used in place of sriracha in most recipes. 

3. Cholula Sauce

This hot sauce is very similar to sriracha but has different ingredients including smoked chili peppers for that added element of flavor. It’s not as smooth as others on the list (and it does include garlic) but it works well on a variety of different foods such as eggs, stir fry, and chicken. 

4. Crystal Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

This hot sauce offers the classic sriracha taste with plenty of heat behind it, but without giving you a huge amount of chilies so your mouth doesn’t burn after every bite. Just be aware that this is an extremely spicy option! 

5. Jalapeno Sauce

This is a great option if you want the heat of sriracha without too much extra flavor. Jalapenos are popular in many Mexican foods so this works well when paired with various dishes such as enchiladas and taco salads. It also works well as a dipping sauce. 

pickled Mexican jalapeno

Just be aware that this hot sauce doesn’t have much in the way of flavor, so it might not work if you prefer flavored sriracha such as garlic sriracha. 

Can I Substitute Sriracha With Cayenne Pepper? 

Yes, you can substitute Sriracha with cayenne pepper. Cayenne is much hotter than sriracha though, so use it sparingly. 

If you substitute cayenne for the sriracha, you should add more ingredients to make up for the lack of flavor. Cayenne pepper has very little in the way of flavor, where sriracha sauce is made with chili peppers, vinegar, and garlic that complements most dishes nicely. 

Can Sriracha Be Substituted With Gochujang? 

Yes, you can substitute sriracha with Gochujang. Gochujang is a Korean paste made from chili peppers and glutinous rice so it does pack heat and has similar ingredients to sriracha sauce. However, it also has soybeans and wheat in the mixture so those who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease should probably avoid Gochujang. 

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Gochujang is a thicker mixture, so you might find that it does not work well as a sriracha substitute in some dishes like soups or salad dressings, but it can add an extra kick to main dishes like stir-fried veggies and meats. 

Is There A Substitute For Sriracha Sauce With Less Salt? 

Yes, there is a little bit less salt in sambal oelek chili paste compared to sriracha sauce (which contains 2% of the daily recommended level of sodium). There are also other hot sauces that offer less salt, like Crystal Louisiana Style Hot Sauce (140 mg per serving). 

How Do I Substitute Sriracha With Red Pepper Flakes? 

You can substitute sriracha with red pepper flakes, but you shouldn’t use too much. Red pepper flakes are hotter than sriracha so use about 1/8 teaspoon for every tablespoon of sriracha mentioned in the recipe. 

The consistency of the mixture will also be different than sriracha so you may want to add some water or apple cider vinegar to the mixture to thin it out. 

Can I Substitute Sriracha With Black Pepper? 

Yes, you can substitute sriracha with black pepper. Black pepper is a great way to enhance the flavors in many dishes without having to add many ingredients or change up how you are preparing your food. It works particularly well for stir fry dishes for instance. 

whole black pepper

Many people also use black pepper to cut back on salt, which is why it’s a great substitute for sriracha sauce which contains quite a bit of salt. For example, sriracha sauce contains 2% of your daily recommended value of sodium whereas black pepper only has 0%. 

Can I Use Buffalo Sauce Instead Of Sriracha? 

Yes, you can substitute buffalo sauce for sriracha without having to make many other changes to your dish. This works particularly well in recipes where there are plenty of Asian flavors already present such as a stir fry. 

Most buffalo sauces tend to be hotter than sriracha though, so you might want to tone it down even more by adding some soy sauce or more seasonings. 

What Can I Substitute Sriracha With If I Have A Soy Allergy? 

If you have a soy allergy, you should avoid Gochujang (because it contains soybeans) and Crystal Louisiana Style Hot Sauce (it contains soybean oil). If you are looking for an alternative to sriracha that is soy-free but similar in flavor, try using Sambal Oelek Chili Paste or sambal oelek. 

In Conclusion… 

While sriracha has a unique flavor, many ingredients can be used as substitutes for sriracha sauce.

spoons of different spices

Cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes provide heat, whereas black pepper enhances the flavor of a dish without adding spiciness. Substituting soy sauce will also give dishes a similar taste as sriracha. 

If you want to cut down on salt and fat in your favorite recipes, there are low-salt hot sauces available such as Crystal Louisiana Style Hot Sauce and sambal oelek. 

If you have a soy allergy, stay away from Gochujang and use Sambal Oelek or sambal oelek instead. 

There are lots of different substitutes for sriracha sauce that can change up the flavor and consistency of your dishes without making it too spicy. Make sure to experiment with different ingredients and flavors to come up with your own sriracha substitute.

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