Tips on How to Make Matcha Without Whisk 

Last modified on May 21st, 2022 at 11:33 am

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Matcha green tea has become increasingly popular in the last year as it is an antioxidant powerhouse and provides consumers with many health benefits. 

The tea itself is made from the tea buds picked at the start of the spring season. They are then ground down to a powder and used to make tea the same way as you would other types of loose tea. 

When it comes to making a delicious cup of this type of tea, it is recommended that a bamboo chasen, also known as a bamboo whisk, is used.

What should you do if you don’t own a traditional bamboo whisk? We will show you some alternative ways that will allow you to make a delicious tasting drink from Matcha powder in this How to Make Matcha Without Whisk guide. Read on to find out more.

Why Whisk the Matcha Powder?

Whisking this green tea powder after adding hot water will help to ensure that the powder dissolves completely. This, in turn, will lead to enjoying a cup of Matcha that is full of flavor. 

How to Make Traditional Matcha Without a Whisk

Whether you bought the matcha tea powder yourself or were given it as a gift, you are probably unsure what to do with it. You’ve probably gone online and seen videos and pictures that include the use of a bamboo whisk for making Matcha green tea.

Now you are probably thinking that the only way to make a cup of Matcha green tea correctly is by using a whisk. Well, think again.

You’ll see as you read on that you don’t need a bamboo whisk to make hot Matcha.

So, don’t worry if you don’t have this piece of equipment. There will be other pieces of equipment in your kitchen that you’ll be able to use to make a healthy, tasty cup of Matcha tea.

Below we look at some of the other ways to make a cup of Matcha tea without the need of the usual whisk tool. The methods below show you how to make a hot Matcha latte using modern kitchen appliances and devices. 

Method One: Put it in a Mason Jar

This is one of the most common ways people are used to making Matcha drinks because they don’t have a bamboo whisk. 

Just get your Matcha powder and place it in the mason jar. Then add to this either hot/warm water or hot steamed milk. Screw the lid back on and then shake the container vigorously. 

You need to shake the container until a decent amount of foam has formed on the top. We suggest using a mason jar or bottle as it is easier to see when the foam is forming. 

This alternative method is perfect for making cold brew Matcha drinks or an iced Matcha latte. After adding the milk or water to the powder, add some ice cubes as well. 

However, if you want to make a cup of hot Matcha tea, then sift the powder as you pour it into the container. This will help to ensure that any clumps in the Matcha tea powder are removed. 

Method Two: Use a Blender

Use blenders like the NutriBullet or Magic Bullet to make your Matcha drinks. You will be using these appliances in the same way you would when using them for, say, making smoothies.

These appliances work much better and combine the liquid with the Matcha tea powder than larger ones. 

Again, you simply put Matcha tea powder into the blender’s cup and then add the water or milk of choice to it. Then simply attach the cup to the blender blade and place it into the blender’s base. 

Now just press down on the cup and allow the blender to work. This is a speedy way for you to be able to enjoy a delicious cup of Matcha tea. 

Tips on How to Make Matcha Without Whisk 

If you wonder how long you should keep blending the mixture, it depends on your blender’s power. The best way of determining when the Matcha tea is ready to drink is to look closely at it. As soon as you see a frothy layer at the top and no Matcha clumps floating around, it will be ready to drink. 

Method Three: Use a Handheld or Electric Milk Frother 

You may wonder why we would suggest you use a milk frother to mix Matcha tea powder with hot water or heated milk. Again, this provides you with a quick and easy way to enjoy a lovely cup of Matcha tea or a delicious Matcha cappuccino. 

You need to pour the water or milk onto the powder you’ve already placed in a cup and then place your handheld milk frother into the cup. Turn the handheld frother on and let it do its work.

You should turn the handheld frother off and take it out of the cup as soon as you notice that a layer of foam has formed on the top. 

Also, make sure that you don’t turn the frother on before placing it into the cup – otherwise, you end up with the Matcha being sprayed everywhere. 

You can also use an electric milk frother to make this flavorful beverage. As you would normally do, place the cold almond milk or hot water into the frother first. Then add the Matcha tea powder that you sieved. After this, tturn it on and let it do what it usually does when you want it to froth milk. 

Once you can see that a nice layer of foam has formed on top, the drink is ready to be poured out into a cup or glass and enjoyed. 

The great thing about using an electric milk frother is that you can usually make two cups of Matcha tea at once. It also allows you to use hot or cold liquids in them. 

Method Four: Use a Blender Bottle

These bottles aren’t just for you to make your protein shakes or smoothies in. They work just as well for making Matcha smoothies. You may find the work even better than a regular water bottle you would take to the gym.

This is because inside this special type of bottle are tiny balls that, when you shake the bottle, agitate the contents inside and help to disperse the quality Matcha powder more evenly. 

Also, such bottles often come with measurement marks on the side, so you won’t need to guess how much water or milk needs to be added.

However, as these tend to be made from plastic, you are better off using them to make an iced Matcha drink. Plus, use only those that aren’t made from plastics that contain chemicals such as BPA. 

Method Five: Use a Cocktail Shaker 

You may not believe this, but a cocktail shaker is an excellent tool for making hot or cold Matcha drinks. They produce just the right amount of agitation as the blender bottle and the mason jar method but they also come with a built-in strainer that helps to ensure that you enjoy clump-free iced Matcha drinks.

You could even use such bar tools to make some delicious tasting alcoholic drinks infused with Matcha tea leaves. 

How to Prevent Clumps of Matcha in Your Drink

There may be times when you notice that sometimes the Matcha tea powder clumps together. This will then collect at the bottom of the cup as you drink your Matcha tea. 

There is one great way of preventing this from happening: simply sieve the powder first, as this will help eliminate the usual clumps that have formed in the Matcha tea after packaging. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many health benefits to be gained from drinking Matcha tea regularly due to the amounts of antioxidants in it.

Of course, you may be put off drinking this tea because you haven’t got a bamboo Matcha whisk. This shouldn’t prove a problem as we have shown you five other ways that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Matcha and enjoy its unique, delicious taste. 

We’ve discussed ways to enjoy the flavorful taste of a cold Matcha latte or a hot Matcha cappuccino without the need for special bamboo tools. Instead, you can use items like a mason jar, milk frother, hand or bottle blender, or cocktail shaker. 

We hope you found our list of tools for how to make Matcha without whisk helpful. So why are you waiting? Get some Matcha powder, start making your delicious drinks at home, and enjoy all the health benefits this flavorsome beverage offers. 

If you’ve found this article to be helpful and have tried any of the methods above to make Matcha tea, why not let us know what you think and how it turned out by leaving a comment below?