Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet Blender, or Do You Need a Coffee Grinder?

Last modified on May 21st, 2022 at 11:33 am

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We all know how good a Magic Bullet is for making smoothies made up of frozen fruit. It is also a great appliance to have in the kitchen for making baby food, nut butter, and even soup. 

However, would it be okay to use it for grinding coffee beans instead of a conventional coffee grinder? Some people would say no, but others say yes. However, we would answer “yes” along with “no.” 

So to answer the question “can you grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet”, we will aim to show you why we say “yes” and “no.” 

You need to grind coffee beans down to the right consistency to get the right flavor that suits your particular taste. 

In this article, we will tell you whether using a Magic Bullet blender instead of an electric coffee grinder is a good idea or not. Before we do that, let us tell you a little more about what a Magic Bullet blender is. 

What is a Magic Bullet? 

This is a kitchen appliance that is like a mini blender. It works in the same way as a blade grinder. It is perfect for chopping nuts and is also great to use for making just one frozen fruit drink at a time. 

While various small blenders and food processors are now available, the one that carries the Magic Bullet name has become the most popular. 

Benefits of Using a Magic Bullet to Grind Coffee Beans

There are a couple of benefits to using a Magic Bullet to make ground coffee from freshly ground beans when you don’t have an electric or regular coffee grinder. 

1. Convenience 

This appliance can be used for much more than just making fresh ground coffee. It can also be used as a personal blender. 

2. Easy To Use

You simply place whatever you want to blend or grind up inside it. Plus, once you’ve finished, you’ll find both the container and the blade attachment are easy to clean. 

How to Grind Coffee Beans if You Don’t Have a Proper Coffee Grinder 

Would you love to be able to make a cup of delicious coffee using a french press or a coffee machine made from freshly ground coffee? 

You can if you want to invest in a professional coffee grinder. Coffee grinders can grind all kinds of coffee beans properly, from fine to coarse grind. 

However, if you don’t want to spend money on this type of coffee grinder and are looking for a more affordable grinding option, you have two options to consider. 

The first would be to place the coffee beans in a bag and then use a rolling pin.

The second option and the more effective way of producing a coarse or finer grind of beans is to use a regular blender. 

So, this is why we said it is possible to use kitchen gadgets like a Magic Bullet as a coffee grinder alternative. 

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet Blender, or Do You Need a Coffee Grinder

How to Use a Magic Bullet Properly for Grinding Whole Coffee Beans

When it comes to using these powerful blenders to grind coffee beans that are freshly roasted, you’ll find it is quite easy. 

We would suggest that you read through the instruction manual before you use it for making freshly ground coffee. This will help ensure that you don’t place too much pressure on the blender’s motor, causing it to burn out because it has exceeded its limit. 

Why is Using Such Kitchen Gadgets a Good Idea? 

The main advantage of using a Magic Bullet for grinding fresh coffee beans is that the coffee grounds remain at the bottom of its cup.

On the other hand, if you are using a regular coffee grinder such as a burr grinder, you need to keep having to flip the cup in which the beans go over regularly. Otherwise, the coffee beans now at the top of the grinder cup will not be able to get down to the blade. 

So if you have decided to use a Magic Bullet to make freshly ground coffee, you need to follow the grinding process steps below. 

3 Simple Grinding Process Steps When Using a Magic Bullet for Grinding Coffee Beans 

Step One: Use the Machines Flat Blade 

Before you begin the process of grinding coffee beans into grounds, you need to carry out the following. Remove the cross blade and replace it with the Magic Bullet blender flat blade. 

The cross blade that comes with these powerful blenders should mainly be used for blending, chopping, and grating foods such as cheese, vegetables, or meat. 

As for the flat blade, this is what most people use to whip or grind foods. It is excellent for making whipped cream and grinding peppercorns and other spices. Plus, it is also ideal for grinding up coffee beans. 

So, make sure to change the cross blade for the flat one before you begin grinding coffee beans. 

Step Two: Place Coffee Beans in the Grinding Cup 

From the coffee bean bag, pour enough beans into the grinding cup, depending on how many fresh coffee grounds you want. It is a good idea to only half fill the cup with coffee beans. This will ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on the Magic Bullets motor when beginning the grinding process. 

Once you’ve poured the beans into the grinding cup and screwed the blade into position, you need to attach it to the power base of this personal blender. 

It is crucial to make sure that the cup is locked securely in place so that it can carry out the process of grinding the coffee beans properly. 

Step Three: Turn it On 

After turning this affordable grinding option on, you need to press down on the cup to begin the grinding process. 

You must keep pressing down on the grinding cup until the level of fineness for your coffee grounds has been reached. The longer you press down, of course, you’ll find finer grounds are produced. 

Don’t keep pressing down for long periods. It is best if you stop every 20 or 30 seconds to check how things are going. It will also allow you to see if the correct fineness or texture you want has been achieved. 

If you intend to use your freshly ground coffee beans to make French Press coffee, then coarsely ground beans are fine. When you want to have a cup of coffee from, say, drip coffee makers, then grind the beans to a much finer level.  

Above, we have shown you how you can grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet. Still, there are three other things you should do that will help to produce even better quality coffee grounds using this type of food processing apparatus. 

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Magic Bullet Blender, or Do You Need a Coffee Grinder

Hacks to Help You Get the Best Coffee Grounds Using a Magic Bullet 

1. Shake it, Baby 

Don’t just hold the cup down during the grinding process. Every so often, stop and remove the cup from the base and give it a good shake. This will help to produce more even coffee grounds. 

2. Put the Ground Coffee Through a Sieve 

Putting your freshly ground coffee through a sieve after the grinding process will help to remove any large pieces of coffee beans that remain. You can then put any that are leftover into your personal bullet blender to grind them down to the correct size. 

3. Give Them a Smush 

Place the freshly ground coffee grinds onto some kitchen paper towels and rub them with another sheet. When you lift up the paper, you’ll be surprised to find that some pieces of ground coffee are stuck to it. 

Final Thoughts 

A Magic Bullet blender could prove to be a useful gadget in your kitchen when you would like to make freshly ground coffee. The all-round, versatile bullet blender is affordable and it is also easy to use. In this guide, we’ve walked you through the question: can you grind coffee beans in a Magic Bullet, the steps to do so, and tips and tricks on making the perfect ground coffee with this kitchen appliance. We hope that the advice in our guide has proven beneficial.

With the fine blade that comes as standard on these appliances, you can easily make fine or coarse coffee grounds. However, you should be aware that you may not find that they produce the same kinds of results you would get when using proper burr coffee grinders. 

Still, if you haven’t got the funds to be able to buy an electric coffee grinder, then it is okay to use this machine. As long as the coffee tastes good, that is all that matters. 

Let us know what you thought of this article and if you have a Magic Bullet, have you used it for making freshly ground coffee?