Finding Durable Cookware Sets for Gas Stoves: Extra Tips

Last modified on July 19th, 2021 at 11:03 am

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As a gas stove owner, you’re lucky to cook practically with any cookware. Gas is one of the most versatile heat sources in cooking and a gas stove is known for its durability and usability. [no_toc]

The problem is, all those new nonstick and colorful cookware sets get burned at the bottom fast. Even if you cook on medium heat, discoloration is still an issue. If you’re looking to buy a new cookware set for your gas stove, grab this little guide along.

1. Choose the right material

A gas stove has a burner that emits a ring of flames, providing a variety of temperature settings. Although you can use almost any cookware for cooking on a gas stove, it’s best to choose the sets made of highly durable materials. This will ensure the better cooking results and expand your cookware’s life. Here are four materials to look for:

  • Anodized aluminum. This nonreactive, hard, and durable cookware ensures even distribution of the heat and is relatively lightweight and affordable. Anodized aluminum coated with stainless steel is suitable for gas stoves as well.
  • Cast iron. Perhaps it’s the most popular cookware that people have been using for years. Besides being inexpensive, cast iron cookware provides even heating and is incredibly durable. Since it doesn’t have a natural nonstick coating, you’ll need to use the oils when frying.
  • Enameled cast iron. Despite being less durable, enameled cast iron cookware prevent sticking when cooking on a gas stove.
  • Copper. This material is quite soft yet highly durable. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which is why it works best on gas stoves. Copper cookware sets are expensive, so sometimes they’re coated with tin, stainless or nickel steel to make them more affordable.

2. Consider scratch and stain resistant cookware

Don’t worry about scratches by cooking with scratch and stain resistant cookware. It can survive even heavy scraping and knocking. Be ready to splurge, though as such cookware isn’t cheap.

3. Nonstick is still needed

Actually, most types of stoves require using the cookware with nonstick surfaces. This kind of surface is scratch-resistant and allows for even distribution of the heat. Plus, you’ll need to use less oil when cooking. Not only is it healthy, but money saving. Nonstick cookware is easy to clean so you won’t scrub the pots and pans to repeatedly get rid of food residue.

4. Pick the cookware that withstands the high temperatures

Heat-tolerant cookware helps to prevent the food burning and can serve you for many years. You’ll need to pay good money for it, but be sure you won’t regret you did.

5. Consider versatile cookware

The biggest perk of any cookware set for gas stoves is its diverse versatility. You can use the set on the other cooking surfaces too and some pieces are oven-safe up to 350F.

Finding durable yet contemporary and efficient cookware sets for gas stoves isn’t easy. It’s all about how well informed you are about the cookware choices. Hopefully, these tips have helped you.

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