7 Reasons to Use Special Cookware for Glass Top Stoves

Last modified on July 19th, 2021 at 11:39 am

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Glass top stoves are becoming more popular these days yet the majority of people have no idea how to get the best cooking results out from them. [no_toc]

While you can use any type of cookware to cook on glass top stove, some cooking utensils can literally kill your glass top stove. Here’s why it’s best to use special cookware for glass top stoves and how to use them.

1. Protect your glass top stove

There are many situations when people have damaged their glass top stoves by using traditional or old cookware sets. By using cookware that’s designed or recommended specifically for glass top stoves you’ll ensure your stove will stay safe and serve you for many years.

2. Ensure even heat distribution

The cookware with a smooth and plain bottom ensures even heat distribution, allowing an equal amount of heat to each part of the cookware. This speeds up the cooking time and the whole food is cooked entirely without using a spoon or sticks to shuffle the food in the pot or pan.

3. Cook healthier meals

Most glass top stove cookware sets are nonstick. This means that they require little to no oil to prepare the meal. The less oil you use in your meals, the healthier they are. When you use traditional cookware, you tend to add tons of oils to prevent stickiness. No wonder dieters and health eaters invest in glass top stoves and special cookware for them.

4.Provide safety and stability

The cookware sets used for cooking meals on glass top stoves are specifically manufactured with heavy, stable base. The heavy base provides stability and safety, keeping the pot or pan stable on the flat surface of the glass stove. Cookware with lightweight base isn’t a bad idea, albeit it easily moves away from the stove and can scratch your glass top.

5. They’re easier to clean

Unlike traditional steel and iron utensils, glass top stove cookware is quick and easy to clean. Many parts of cookware are dishwasher safe so that’s no cleaning job at all. The glass top stove cookware is easier to clean thanks to a smooth and plain bottom it has. Avoid traditional cleaning and washing methods, though, as they can ruin your cookware.

6. Save money

The price of glass top stove cookware sets varies but there is a huge perk of investing in a top quality set. First, you’ll be using this set for many years to come. Second, it won’t damage your glass top stove, which means it will serve you for years as well. Splurge once and save money in the future.

7. Cut down your cooking time

The cookware for glass top stoves has been shown to reduce the cooking time in half. This is due to an even heat distribution that it provides. Make sure you choose the correct material of cookware that offers maximum heat distribution.

There are many important reasons to use special cookware sets for glass top stoves and these seven are among the most crucial ones.

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