Best Kitchen Ladle Sets For Left Handed

Best Kitchen Ladle Sets For Left Handed

Since approximately ten percent of the world’s population is left-handed, there is growing need for more left-handed tools, equipment and everyday items of all types.

During the last decade, “southpaws” have finally started receiving true credibility as normal people with the natural-born tendency and orientation of using the left hand as the primary or dominant hand.

For them, the left hand leads the way in performing everyday tasks and activities. Now there is less pressure placed on children who are left-handed to make the transition from left hand to right for such functions as writing, eating and shaking hands.

One major home activity that is now supported by specially designed left-handed tools and utensils is food preparation or cooking. Today, left-handed ladles are in demand and can be bought in most stores and boutiques selling cooking utensils as well as many online marketplaces that offer cooking tools and kitchen aids for left-handed people.

While some pots, pans, measuring cups and other items come with pouring lips on both sides to facilitate ambidextrous use, other items sold today are specifically designed for left-handed users. One good example is cooking or serving ladles.

Some ladles on the market today are designed for use by both right and left-handed cooks, while others are specially designed and designated as left-handed ladles.

Left-Handed Ladle Designs for Modern Kitchen Use

You have probably seen published articles or online cooking forums discussing just how difficult it is for left-handed people to use traditional can openers. Also problematic for left-handed cooks are normal pans with pouring lips on the left side and measuring cups with measuring marks to the left of the handle, favoring right-handed users.

Traditional ladle designs also make dipping and pouring soups, sauces, gravy and holiday punch difficult for left-handed users since the pouring lip is on the left side. Sometimes the ladle design itself dips or inclines to the left to aid with pouring liquids.

However, today’s updated ladle designs for left-handed cooking enthusiasts have pouring lips and helpful dips or inclinations on the right side to accommodate left-handed users. They may also have carved or molded handles that facilitate gripping with the left hand.

Left-Handedness Relative to History, Culture and Beliefs

Scientists and scholars state that mankind’s obsession with left and right focus and activity, or laterality, may be related to our asymmetric vertebrate development and the asymmetrical structure of matter. Right and left were also given different religious and moral significance throughout the history of modern societies.

It is true that while some cultures read from left to right, others read from right to left. Also, tornadoes always twirl in a counter-clockwise spin in the northern hemisphere and clockwise when occurring in the southern hemisphere. Of course, this last example can be explained scientifically, but it also serves as illustration of the emphasis we place on left and right placement and movement or activity.

Four Quality Left-Handed Kitchen Ladles

Five of the top-quality, left-handed cooking and serving ladles for sale in the consumer marketplace today include the following fine brands and innovative models:

Rachel Ray Lazy Solid – Left Handed

The perfect ladle for dipping and pouring soups, sauces or holiday punch, this elegant ladle made of durable silicone is ideal for kitchen meal preparation or as table service in the dining room.

Famous celebrity cook, Rachael Ray and the master craftsman and artist, Jonathan Simons, designed this ladle, sanding its finish to soft smoothness for easy handling.

This creative ladle design is quite versatile that make it appropriate for fancy table service or home-style cooking in the kitchen.


  • Ergonomically structured to promote hand flexibility and health.
  • Made of durable silicone that is heat resistant up to 500 F
  • Handle is fashioned for easy resting on the side of your cooking pan.

Prepworks from Progressive International Canning Scoop

This unique canning scoop from Progressive International has a specially styled angular shape for successfully reaching into the deepest corners of your stock pots.

It is designed to include a clip for securing this scoop to the side of your cookware. This popular utensil is fashioned from high-temperature nylon and can endure heats of as high as 400 degrees F. Its durable finish will not discolor from food stains, and this handy kitchen scoop is completely dishwasher-proof for your convenience.

The innovative concept and design of this versatile cooking scoop are characteristic of Progressive International’s products, which are often unusual and even playful in their style. The goal is to make your cooking experience successful, highly efficient and pleasurable.

Rösle Portioning Ladle, for Right and Left-Handed Use

This portioning ladle from Rösle is designed for use by both left and right-handed cooking enthusiasts.

It is the perfect choice of kitchen utensils for portioning and ladling broths, stews, soups and sauces of every imaginable type and consistency. With dual pouring lips, this ladle is an ideal tool for ambidextrous home cooks who can use left and right hands with equal ease while preparing meals.

This ladle is durable, made of seamless stainless steel. You never need to be concerned about cooking temperatures when using this ladle, and it is easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Although composed of hard metal, this ladle has an ultra-smooth surface that will not scrape or scar delicate cookware pots and pans.

It assumes temperatures close to those of the soup, stew or sauce it is being used to serve and is helpful in keeping foods hot while they are served.

Amber Plastic Punch Bowl Ladle

This attractive, translucent amber colored punch bowl ladle is made of plastic for easy, lightweight service.

It has the capacity for dipping about six ounces of punch at a time and is equipped with pointed sides to facilitate clean pouring without spills. This ladle is ideal for both left and right-handed service. It comes with plastic punch cups and hooks that fit the majority of punch bowls for convenient and festive placement of punch cups for service.

This stylish punch ladle makes a hit at holiday parties and birthday or anniversary celebrations. It is light enough so that even children can serve themselves a cup of punch in style, without any pouring mishaps during use. This popular punch ladle usually sells for around $12.00 and can be found in various online marketplaces, often selling at discount rates.

Comparison of Four Different Left-Handed Ladles

These ladles are all of different types and distinctive designs, and each one suits the needs of left-handed users:

Rachael Ray’s Lazy Ladle is elegantly crafted from silicone and suitable for kitchen use or table service. Its ergonomic handle is designed for grasping by the left hand and promotes hand flexibility for good health, and this handle also rests easily on the side of your cooking vessel. This ladle’s heath resistant, smooth surface is ideal for use with today’s non-stick cookware.

Its only slight disadvantage may be its outstanding and unique appearance. Although quite different from other ladle servers, however, its luster and beauty can complement other items of table service very well as it adds grace and elegance to any buffet or dining table.

Even though the Prepworks from Progressive International Canning Scoop has a unique, intriguing design for high degrees of functionality, its nylon composition and modern industrial look make it best suited for kitchen use. It is extremely durable, even when subjected to very high temperatures, and it does make cooking a pleasurable and successful experience.

The practical, streamlined Rösle Portioning Ladle maintains food heat while ladling broths, soups and sauces of all varieties. Its convenient dual pouring lips make it a great choice for ambidextrous users. Its smooth surface will not scar or scrape non-stick cookware, although frequent use of it with such delicate-finish cooking vessels may leave slight scratches on their cooking surfaces.

The lightweight, attractive Amber Plastic Punch Bowl Ladle provides efficient service at buffets and parties. Easy to handle, even children can successfully use this ladle to dip and serve punch. It comes with plastic punch cups and hooks that fit on the sides of most punch bowls. Its major drawback is that it should not be used for serving very hot liquids or as a cooking utensil in the kitchen since it is plastic.

My Personal Favorite: Rachael Ray’s Lazy Ladle

Although all of these popular ladles offer fine designs and useful functionality at very reasonable prices, the best overall ladle model is Rachael Ray’s Lazy Ladle for left-handed users.

This charming, modern ladle offers the ultimate combination of high style and functionality since it is the ideal choice both for kitchen food preparation and for elegant buffet and table service. I think this ladle will decorate and dazzle at your next celebration or event, to brighten any festive occasion for all left-handed guests.

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