8 Tips for Picnic with Kids

Last modified on August 6th, 2020 at 10:50 pm

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Are you going on a picnic with your children? The beautiful days are here, the desire to bask in the sun and picnic in the great outdoors with the family. A family picnic is always the ideal outing to enjoy sunny days with the children. Once you have found the perfect setting for a rural and relaxing atmosphere, a picnic is also an opportunity to let your creativity speak for a colorful menu. But with children, preparing a picnic is often a commando mission. Below we have listed 8 important tips for a picnic with kids. These are as follows:

  • Besides food, there are a thousand things to think about for lunch with baby in the great outdoors. At first, his unique picnic tableware: no need to drag a suitcase behind you, your basket, the stroller, the parasol, all that will already be very heavy to wear. Better to provide very little precious material, plastic that does not break. There are picnic sets for children, which are very easy to transport. Also, essential, its bottle of water and a cooler or thermos to keep it fresh, even if you are in the shade. The bottle warmer, which allows you to heat bottles and baby food without electricity, can also save your money.
  • A real picnic cannot be done without the large green checked blanket: it is more comfortable for everyone, and especially for babies who will not be bothered by grass or grains of sand, and who can lie down and play on it. Plan activities with them alongside sandcastles, blind man’s bluff, nature exploration. Also, remember to bring some of their toys.
  • We think of sunglasses, a hat with sunscreen to protect the baby from UV rays, and we always keep an eye on him if he gets away a bit. Be extra vigilant if you find yourself near a lake or by the sea. In this case, it is better to equip your child with armbands.
  • If you go for a picnic while walking, you are exercising. And, kids always have a bigger appetite after moving around a bit. If you allow them to move, they will be better able to sit still for a while. Let the child know where you are going and dictate what to do. Also, establish the consequences if they are not respected and enforce them if the children’s behavior requires. You thus preserve your credibility with your children.
  • Plan all the equipment accordingly to avoid the unexpected: a few small outdoor games, books, food, a blanket to sit on or a tablecloth for the table, a change of clothes if you are going away from home, a mini first aid kit, a bag to collect litter, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc.
  • When the weather is very hot, some conservation rules must be observed to avoid eating food contaminated with bacteria: place the containers in a cooler and add refrigerated containers or ice to them, place the cooler in the shade, immediately put unused food back in the cooler, place food more sensitive to contamination at the bottom of the cooler, etc. Children love to move around and explore their surroundings! Plan a meal for them that they can nibble at their leisure. Mini muffins, mini tarts are the right size. You can also add originality to your preparations by cutting small sandwiches of sandwich bread in the form of fish. For dessert, play on the bright and tangy side such as fruit and candy skewers, smartie cookies, melted caramba lollipops. For very young children, prepare small jars, small purees, low compotes for them. The picnic is a great time to introduce them to new flavors and a new way of eating.
  • It would be best to carry a small kit pharmacy with the basics such as disinfectant that not sting, bandages, compresses, aspic venom, and soothing cream for any small insect bites.
  • Everyone knows that crisps or sandwiches leave your kids’ hands unpleasantly greasy. A few paper towels will do the trick to save him these inconveniences, even if the wipes are an even more suitable solution. After eating, your child may end up with some waste. Also, remember to prepare a plastic bag for it, which will serve as a temporary trash can before finding a real one.

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