Tired of Turkey? 10 Other Dishes You Can Make With Roaster Oven

Last modified on July 28th, 2021 at 7:00 pm

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You don’t think you can even eat another bite of the turkey that you made in your roaster oven. It’s time to freeze the leftovers and place the appliance back in the cupboard to use next year during the holidays.

Wait a minute! You can use your roaster oven to make more than just the annual turkey meal. There are desserts, side dishes and main meals that turn out fantastic when using this slow cook method.

Different Dishes You Can Make

1. Cakes

cake_in_roaster_ovenYou may be surprised to learn that you can use a roaster oven to make cakes. But this is an ideal method if you are cooking large meals that take several hours to bake in the oven while also wanting to create a dessert to have after dinner. Simply place the cake mixture into the cake pan or Bundt cake pan as you would usually do, then place the pan on the insert in the roaster oven.

2. Steamed Rice Dishes

steamed rice_asianAll you need is liquid and rice to make steamed rice. You don’t have to go out and purchase a rice cooker. Just place all the ingredients into the roaster oven. When the rice is cooked, use a fork to fluff it up before serving.

3. Baked Potatoes

baked_potatoesA roaster oven is ideal when you want to make a lot of baked vegetables, such as baked potatoes. By placing the potatoes in the roaster oven for an hour, it frees up your regular oven so you can make the main dishes for your dinner.

4. Stews


You can make hearty beef and chicken stews in a roaster oven. The meat will come out tender and succulent. Pay attention to the heat setting and the liquid level in the roaster oven so you don’t cook the liquid away.

5. Bread Puddings


Bread puddings are another type of dessert that works well when cooked in a roaster oven. When making bread puddings, you will need to add a few cups of water to the bottom of the roaster oven’s insert. Then you can place the loaf pan with your bread pudding down into the insert pan.

6. Appetizers


Roaster ovens are ideal when making large quantities of appetizers, such as meatballs. When you have a special event, picnic or family reunion to go to, you can make a ton of appetizers in the roaster oven using less time and prep work.

7. Other Large Meat Dishes


You can cook most other meat dishes in the roaster oven such as whole chickens, spare ribs and even ham. Apply the right amount of heat and time to these large meat dishes to have delicious meals that will feed the whole family. Then you will have plenty of leftovers to eat throughout the week.

8. Roasts with Vegetables


Creating a roast in the roaster oven is simple and quick to do. Brown the meat and cook it for several hours. Halfway through the cooking process, you can add your desired vegetables as everything will be done at the same time.

9. Canned Preserves


While you can’t actually use the roaster oven itself for the canning process, you can use it to make the preserves that will go into the jars. You can also keep your jars at the right temperature for canning by placing them in hot water in the roaster oven. A favorite type of preserve you can make is apple butter.

10. Side Dishes

side dish

You can make a wide range of side dishes in a slow cooker and your roaster ovens that will have the right taste and consistency. Make baked beans, cheesy potatoes, baked pasta dishes and other meals.

Put your roaster oven to good use throughout the year. You can find dozens of recipes designed for your roaster oven as you will be amazed that this appliance can handle such heavy usage.

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