7 Delightful Reasons to Buy a Portable Ice Maker

Last modified on August 3rd, 2021 at 10:08 pm

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There are a lot of refrigerators that have compact ice makers built into the freezer compartments that automatically make crystal clear ice cubes. If you have such a fridge, you might not even think of buying a portable ice maker. [no_toc]

Portable machines offer convenience and they’re perfect for traveling. However, there are tons of other benefits of owning portable “friends.” Today we’re going to discuss the reasons why investing in a portable ice maker is worth it.

1. It produces ice much quicker than a traditional ice tray

Traditional ice trays usually take a few hours to make ice. If you’re going to throw a party, you should make ice well in advance. With a portable ice maker, you don’t have to wait hours. It produces ice cubes in a few minutes. Pour in some water, switch on the machine, and keep enjoying your party.

2. You can use it outdoors

Can you move your fridge outdoors or take it along on your car trip? Sure, you can’t. Portable ice makers are compact in size so you can just grab it and go. All you need is a power source and clear water.

3. It makes different types of ice

Need clear cubed ice? Smaller or bigger? Don’t mind using bullet ice? A portable ice maker will satisfy your ice needs in several minutes. Although most ice makers produce bullet shaped ice, you can buy the one that produces restaurant-quality ice.

4. It helps you save on water bills

The water bills drain the wallet these days, so no wonder many people look for the ways to cut their water use. The fridges with built-in ice makers tend to use a lot more water than you think and sometimes you may forget to control it. A portable ice maker doesn’t use too much water and energy, helping you reduce your monthly bills.

5. It’s easy to use and clean

Even your children or grandparents can make ice. These machines are really easy to use, but most importantly, they’re easy to clean. Best yet, some models feature the self-cleaning option.

6. No draining required

A portable ice maker doesn’t waste your water and doesn’t require draining. It recycles melted ice to make new cubes. So, if you forget to take out the ice or you simply don’t need it, your machine will recycle it as soon as the ice melts.

7. It has a large storage capacity

Despite its size, a portable ice maker produces as much as 35 lbs. of ice a day. It also has a large storage capacity, though it can’t store all 35 lbs. of the ice at once. Many people store the ice cubes in the bags in the freezer just in case of unexpected huge bash.

Stop buying the bags of ice from the grocery store or worrying about the water supply to your fridge. A portable ice maker doesn’t require a drain line or a water line, only a power supply. Plus, it’s energy-efficient. You can take your portable ice maker literally anywhere a 120V outlet is available. Isn’t it great?