Should You Consider Purchasing a Food Processor?

Last modified on July 14th, 2021 at 5:46 am

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The time has come to purchase some new appliances. The must-have gadgets to go at the very top of the list as you couldn’t live without your toaster, electric can opener, coffee maker, and microwave.

Yet while you are going down the aisles of the store, your eyes linger over the food processors. Do you really need to get one? Won’t a blender work just as well?

Why You Might Want to Consider a Food Processor for Your Kitchen

Food processors are those devices that can do so many things. You can slice vegetables, grind nuts, puree soups, blend ingredients into sauces, and knead bread. It’s designed to make these tasks easier so you don’t spend the whole day prepping food by hand.

While it is true that blenders and mixers can do the same thing as a food processor, the reason why many people might get one is to cut down on the number of little appliances they need to purchase by letting them just get one that can do a little bit of everything. A food processor comes with a number of attachments for kneading, shredding and blending ingredients. So it will leave you with more counter and cabinet space.

Understand the Benefits and Disadvantages of the Food Processor

If you are considering a food processor as your next purchase, think about the benefits it can lend to you based on your cooking techniques. When it comes to creating sauces that have different consistencies, the food processor definitely gives you more control as you can make chunky salsa one minute and then smooth nut butter later in the day.

A blender’s high speed can make it harder to control when pureeing for different consistencies. Food processors also work well with drier foods while blenders normally need a liquid inside during operation. You would also probably want to grind meat in a food processor versus using the blender to do such a task.

There are definitely some things you wouldn’t want to use your food processor for, such as grinding up ice cubes. You will end up dulling the blades quickly. That job is left to your blender. If you are someone who creates lots of cakes and needs a thick cake batter, you would also probably prefer a mixer versus a food processor to get the desired consistency.

Let Your Cooking Techniques Help You Decide on The Right Food Processor

Take a moment to think about all the everyday meals you create, as well as what meals you would like to create in the near future, and then consider how a food processor can help you with the prep work. Then you can make the right choice on whether you need to get one.

You will also need to consider the capacity of the food processor as they can come in sizes as small as a mini-prep chopper to as big as an extra capacity processor. By taking these aspects into consideration, you can purchase the right appliances for your kitchen so you can make great meals.