Best Ginger Beer For A Moscow Mule: Our Top Picks!

Best Ginger Beer For A Moscow Mule
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Ginger beer is one of the key Moscow Mule ingredients. Premium ginger beers, flavored from real ginger root, will lend the cocktail a spicy kick.

The alcohol content of ginger beers can range from 4 to 5% and the maximum limit is less than 11% but most are non-alcoholic. Hence, ginger beer is usually considered to be non-alcoholic. Two versions of ginger beers are known to the world; Brewed ginger beer and a carbonated and sweetened drink flavored with ginger.

The following are other most preferred Ginger Beers for making the best Moscow Mule.

Fever tree and Bundaberg are the most trusted ginger beers to make perfect Moscow Mule. These two are believed to be originated in England during the 1980’s.

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Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Fever Tree strikes a very good balance between sweet and spicy flavors. This drink is not too sweet but delivers a long gingerly finish. The drink starts sweet and leaves you with a spicy kick of ginger. In each bottle, you can definitely taste the fresh ginger and this beverage is considered as the best drinking ginger beer and the perfect partner for any cocktail drink.

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Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Bundaberg is sweet, refreshing and tempting. It is less spicy but highly recommended for cocktail drinks.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Non-alcoholic Beverage (Australia) 12-pack 375ml
  • Pack of 12 375ml
  • Made in Australia
  • Delivers an incredibly smooth taste

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DG Ginger Beer

DG Ginger Beer is refreshing, with a sweet and light taste that finishes with a medium hit of spice.

Old Jamaican Ginger Beer 20 oz (Pack of 24) Spicer, Carbonated Ginger Beer from Jamaica
  • Cloudy with natural sediment, this naturally brewed ginger drink has a strong, robust ginger character with just enough kick....
  • Old Jamaican Gingeer Beer with an unbeatable kick of authentic, fiery Jamaican root ginger.
  • Case of 24 (20 oz Plastic Bottles)

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Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer

Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer presents a brisk start and a smooth finish and is the one used in the traditional recipes.

Cock and Bull Ginger Beer 8 Oz Cans
  • Cock and Bull Ginger Beer
  • 8 ounce can
  • Moscow Mule Mixer

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This one possesses stronger ginger scent, less spiciness, and a clear appearance. This Ginger beer was one of the three key ingredients used when Moscow Mule was prepared for the first time at Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant. It is considered as one of the best for Preparing Moscow mule.

Here are a few more good ginger beers that would be great for mules;

  • Gosling’s Ginger Beer contains high fructose corn syrup, but it delivers spicy ginger flavors.
  • Barrett’s ginger beer comes with low carbonation and a pleasant ginger flavor. This is the most popular ginger beer in the Caribbean since 1874 and the bottled versions are prepared from pure cane sugar.
  • Regatta is a very refreshing, less spicy, ginger beer with a unique chalky texture. You can experience a gingery finish without the burn and it not too sweet ginger beer.

These are considered great for mixing cocktails and with these one can definitely mix the most refreshing Moscow Mule Drink for the summertime.

Of course every person has different tastes and each occasion may make one ginger ale better than another. On a hot day a refreshingly sweet ale may be better than a spicy ginger beer on a crisp fall day. It never hurts to experiment.

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