Which Is Better, Steaming or Boiling?

Last modified on October 14th, 2019 at 12:12 pm

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One debate when it comes to cooking the perfect vegetables is whether you should steam or boil them.

People are living longer and better lives by adopting healthier diets. They are making the right food choices by cutting down on the number of processed foods they consume, increasing the amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts in their diets, and looking for healthier cooking methods.

Some people believe boiling is better as you can add additional flavors to the water to enhance their taste. Other people will say steaming is better so you get more nutrients in your body to promote better health.

Here are several things to keep in mind when deciding whether to steam or boil your vegetables.

Steaming Vegetables

The steaming process involves using boiling water to cook the vegetables. The vegetables are not immersed as they are placed in a steamer basket that can be made of metal that has holes in the surface or is made from bamboo fashioned in a lattice design as the steam can pass upwards into the basket. You can also boil other liquids, such as broth, to try to impart more flavor to the vegetables.

steaming vegetables

When steamed, vegetables can retain much of their nutrients and vibrant colors. You can also obtain more of a crunchy texture with your vegetables through steaming. One thing to remember is that steamed vegetables will retain more of their original flavor without becoming overpowered by other flavors in certain dishes.

Boiling Vegetables

The boiling process involves submerging your vegetables into boiling water or other liquids until they turn tender. You need to be careful while boiling as leaving the vegetables in the water too long can result in overcooked, bland and mushy food.

boiled veggies

You can impart certain flavorings into the food based on what is added to the water, such as butter, salt and other ingredients, to make the vegetables more flavorful.

Many of the nutrients can be boiled out of vegetables that you would want to remain to have a healthier diet. At the same token, boiling out certain nutrients can be beneficial to the body. Removing oxalates during the boiling process can help people who have kidney stone problems.

Which Method Should You Use?

When it comes down to steaming versus boiling, you will have to decide based on your personal preferences. You may love the texture of steamed vegetables, or prefer the taste of boiled vegetables. Trying out both methods for different dishes can allow you to pick the right cooking technique that will impart the best benefits to your dishes and for your diet.

Simply choosing a more vegetable-rich diet will give you a ton of benefits for your health in the long run while allowing you to avoid the processed, junk foods that can cause a wide range of medical conditions you would want to avoid. So get out to your local farmer’s market this season and fill up your basket with delicious vegetables.

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