How Modern Kitchen Appliances Can Improve Your Cooking Life

Last modified on July 20th, 2021 at 11:24 am

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My grandma says, “I have nothing except some pots and pans and still cook perfectly fine. Modern kitchen appliances are nothing but a profitable business.” While I do agree with my grandma, I compare how much time she spends in the kitchen with the amount of my cooking time. The difference is significant. [

Let’s say, I’m a kitchen appliance junkie who wants to have any useful tool to reduce the cooking time. If you think the majority of modern kitchen appliances are just a waste of money, read on and I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you end reading.

1. Modern kitchen appliances let you be lazy

Why spend time near the stove brewing coffee in a coffee pot when a coffee machine can do this job for you? Why cook soup on the stove when a slow or multi cooker can do it too? Despite all the myths about a lazy generation, we’re hard-working millennials who often work without day-offs. Having kitchen appliances by hand will let you be a little bit lazy and find more time for yourself.

2. They save you money

Eating out drains the budget quicker than you think. When cooking isn’t your thing, you have to opt for takeouts or have your dinner in the nearest café. Halogen ovens, slow cookers, rice cookers, and food processors are fantastic kitchen helpers that will help you prepare any meal in no time with little to no effort at all.

3. They help you eat healthier

Healthy eaters swear by bread machines and food steamers and no wonder why. Could you imagine steaming your veggies in a regular pot or baking gluten-free breads in a regular oven? It’s definitely possible to do, but it’s a time and effort consuming process that makes us run to the nearest store and buy breads chock-full of unhealthy ingredients. Food processors help make nutrient-dense smoothies and desserts while vegetable spiralizers help make vegan-friendly pastas.

4. And throw parties more often

Outdoor pizza ovens, portable ice makers, outdoor grill, iced tea makers, and portable ice cream machines are all designed to ease our preparation time for the parties. The list of the appliances and tools for this purpose is endless, so if you organize parties regularly, investing in these appliances can save you plenty of time.

5. Allow you to be the queen of the kitchen

Sounds funny, right? In reality, it’s true. Every kitchen appliance is your little helper. If you cook a lot, having many appliances will make you feel like you’ve just hired your employees. They will do the majority of the cooking processes for you and you’ll just control them.

I’m definitely not promoting any kitchen appliances. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s great to have those appliances and tools. You don’t have to purchase each appliance, though. Consider investing in a few that you believe can help you improve your cooking and overall life. Life becomes easier when you get someone or something to help you.

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