How To Reset Lg Microwave

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Do you own an LG microwave that has been acting up lately? Is it not heating your food properly or displaying error messages? Perhaps it’s time to consider resetting your LG microwave. Resetting can often resolve minor issues and restore your microwave to its full functionality. In this article, we will guide you through the process of resetting your LG microwave and provide helpful tips on troubleshooting and maintenance.

Understanding Your LG Microwave

Before we delve into the resetting process, let’s familiarize ourselves with the key features of LG microwaves. LG microwaves are known for their advanced technology and sleek design. They come equipped with a variety of features that enhance cooking convenience and performance.

When it comes to cooking, LG microwaves are a chef’s best friend. With their sensor cooking technology, these microwaves automatically adjust cooking time and power levels based on the food’s moisture levels. This ensures that your meals are cooked evenly and thoroughly without overcooking or undercooking. So whether you’re heating up a bowl of soup or defrosting a piece of meat, you can trust that your LG microwave will deliver perfectly cooked results every time.

But that’s not all. LG microwaves also boast an EasyClean interior coating, making cleaning a breeze. No more spending hours scrubbing away stubborn stains. With LG microwaves, you can enjoy hassle-free cleaning with just a few wipes. This innovative feature not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your microwave stays in pristine condition.

Additionally, LG microwaves offer a range of pre-set cooking options and customizable cooking settings. Whether you want to defrost frozen foods, bake a cake, or simply reheat leftovers, LG microwaves have got you covered. With just a few taps on the control panel, you can easily select the desired cooking mode and let the microwave work its magic.

Key Features of LG Microwaves

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that set LG microwaves apart from the competition:

  • Sensor Cooking Technology: This advanced technology automatically adjusts cooking time and power levels based on the food’s moisture levels, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.
  • EasyClean Interior Coating: The EasyClean interior coating makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort.
  • Pre-set Cooking Options: LG microwaves offer a variety of pre-set cooking options, making it easy to defrost, bake, or reheat with just a few taps on the control panel.
  • Customizable Cooking Settings: With customizable cooking settings, you can adjust the cooking time and power levels to suit your specific needs.

Common Issues with LG Microwaves

Like any electronic device, LG microwaves may encounter some issues over time. Common problems include error messages, uneven heating, unresponsive buttons, and power outages. While these issues can be frustrating, they can often be resolved through a simple reset.

If your LG microwave is displaying an error message, it is advisable to consult the user manual or contact LG customer service for specific troubleshooting instructions. However, most minor issues can be resolved by performing a reset.

A reset is a simple process that involves unplugging the microwave from the power source for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. This helps to clear any temporary glitches or errors that may be causing the issue. Once the microwave is plugged back in, you can try using it again and see if the problem has been resolved.

It’s important to note that if the issue persists even after a reset, it may be a sign of a more serious problem. In such cases, it is recommended to seek professional assistance or contact LG customer service for further guidance.

Remember, understanding the key features of your LG microwave and knowing how to troubleshoot common issues can help you make the most out of your appliance and ensure its optimal performance for years to come.

Preparatory Steps Before Resetting

Before diving into the resetting process, it’s essential to take certain preparatory steps to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Resetting your LG microwave can be a simple and effective way to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. However, it’s important to approach the process with caution and follow the necessary steps to avoid any potential mishaps.

Safety Measures to Consider

The first step is to unplug your LG microwave from the power source. This will help prevent any electrical mishaps and ensure that the reset process is performed safely. It’s crucial to prioritize your safety and take this precautionary measure before proceeding.

Additionally, it is also recommended to disconnect any external devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, from the microwave. These devices can sometimes interfere with the reset process, so it’s best to remove them to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted reset.

By following these safety measures, you can minimize the risk of any potential accidents and ensure a safe environment for the resetting process.

Tools You Might Need

While resetting your LG microwave does not require any specific tools, it is helpful to have a few items on hand to facilitate the process and ensure optimal results.

Firstly, having a soft cloth is recommended. This cloth can be used to wipe down the exterior of the microwave, removing any dust or dirt that may have accumulated over time. By keeping your microwave clean, you can enhance its performance and prolong its lifespan.

In addition to the soft cloth, having a mild cleaning solution can also be beneficial. This solution can be used to clean the interior of the microwave, removing any stains or residue that may affect its functionality. It’s important to choose a cleaning solution that is safe for microwave use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lastly, having a dry towel is useful for drying the microwave after cleaning. This step is crucial to ensure that no moisture remains inside the microwave, as it can lead to potential damage or malfunctions.

By having these tools readily available, you can efficiently clean your microwave after the reset and ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reset Your LG Microwave

Now that you’ve taken the necessary preparatory steps, let’s proceed with the step-by-step guide to reset your LG microwave.

Locating the Reset Button

First, check your LG microwave to locate the reset button. The reset button is typically located on the control panel or inside the door of the microwave. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions on finding the reset button for your model.

Locating the reset button is an important step in resetting your LG microwave. The button may be small and inconspicuous, so take your time to carefully search for it. It is usually labeled “Reset” or has a small circular arrow symbol.

If you are unable to find the reset button, don’t panic! You can always refer to the user manual or contact LG customer support for assistance. They will be able to guide you through the process and help you locate the reset button.

Properly Resetting the Microwave

Once you have located the reset button, press and hold it for approximately five seconds. During this time, make sure to keep the button pressed without releasing it.

As you press and hold the reset button, you may feel a slight resistance. This is normal and indicates that the reset process is taking place. It is important to hold the button firmly to ensure a successful reset.

While you are holding the reset button, take a moment to reflect on the importance of resetting your LG microwave. Resetting can help resolve minor issues and restore the microwave to its optimal performance. It is a simple yet effective solution that can save you time and money.

After the five-second mark, release the reset button. Your LG microwave will now be reset, and any minor issues should be resolved.

Once the reset is complete, you may notice a subtle change in the microwave’s behavior. It may start up faster, operate more smoothly, or display a refreshed user interface. These improvements are a result of the successful reset and indicate that your LG microwave is now ready to serve you with its full potential.

Remember, resetting your LG microwave is a troubleshooting technique that can be used whenever you encounter minor issues. It is a quick and convenient way to resolve common problems without the need for professional assistance.

By following this step-by-step guide, you have successfully reset your LG microwave. Enjoy the enhanced performance and continue to explore the various cooking options that your microwave offers.

Troubleshooting After Reset

After resetting your LG microwave, it is important to ensure that it is functioning properly. In some cases, despite performing the reset, you may still encounter issues.

What to Do If Your Microwave Still Doesn’t Work

If your LG microwave is still not working correctly after the reset, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. First, double-check that the power cord is securely plugged into the outlet. If it is, try plugging a different electronic device into the same outlet to ensure it is functioning correctly.

If the outlet is working correctly, but your microwave is still not functioning, try performing the reset process again. Sometimes, a second reset can resolve stubborn issues.

If all else fails, consult your user manual for further troubleshooting instructions. If your microwave is still under warranty, it is advisable to contact LG customer service for professional assistance.

When to Contact LG Customer Service

If you have tried all troubleshooting steps and your LG microwave is still not functioning correctly, it may be time to contact LG customer service. They will be able to guide you through more in-depth troubleshooting steps or arrange for professional repair services if necessary.

Maintaining Your LG Microwave Post-Reset

Now that your LG microwave is back to its optimal functioning, it’s important to maintain its performance and prevent future issues.

Regular Cleaning and Care

Regularly cleaning your LG microwave will not only keep it looking new but also prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria. After every use, wipe the interior and exterior of the microwave with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution. This will help remove any food residue or stains.

Additionally, regularly inspect the door seals and hinges for any signs of wear or damage. A faulty seal can impact the microwave’s performance and cause uneven heating.

Avoiding Common Microwave Problems

To avoid common problems with your LG microwave, follow these simple tips:

  1. Always use microwave-safe containers and covers.
  2. Avoid overheating liquids, as this can lead to boiling over and potentially damaging the microwave.
  3. Do not use metal utensils or aluminum foil inside the microwave, as they can cause sparks or, even worse, a fire hazard.
  4. Regularly check and replace the microwave’s filters to ensure proper ventilation.

By following these guidelines, you can extend the lifespan of your LG microwave and avoid potential issues in the future.


Resetting your LG microwave is a simple yet effective way to resolve minor issues and restore its functionality. By following our step-by-step guide, taking the necessary safety precautions, and performing regular maintenance, you can ensure that your LG microwave continues to serve you well for years to come.

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