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Jun 24

5 Halogen Oven Baking Tips

By Tessah | Blog , Cooking Guides

The queens of the kitchen claim a halogen oven will never replace the traditional one, when it comes to baking. While I do agree with it, I dare to say that we can make pretty delicious desserts in a halogen oven too. It’s not rocket science, but following the tips mentioned below will prevent you […]

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Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Floor Mat
Jun 22

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Floor Mat

By Tessah | Blog

Slip-resistant floor mats make the kitchen life much safer, but they can also increase the risk of falling and injuries. Why? When they’re dirty and greasy, they tend to be very slippery, which is why it’s recommended to clean your kitchen floor mat every week if you cook for at least 2 hours each day. […]

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